The Greek Islands

Seabourn Sojourn anchored off Symi, Greece. © 2015 Ralph Grizzle

You’ve seen it in movies and read about it as the setting for countless novels, from romance to mystery, and yet the Greek Islands still find a way to be just as stunning in person. Not even Hollywood cinematics are needed to make this picturesque part of the world look amazing; these islands are picture-ready all day, every day.

The quintessential Greek Island is, of course, Santorini. Rising out of the ocean to impossible heights, this volcanic island is home to the famous white-washed buildings adorned with blue domes that you’ve seen in pictures. But Fira and Oia– Santorini’s two most populous towns – are but two of the many sights you can see in this region.

The real beauty of the Greek Islands lies in those places you may have never heard of. On Patmos, in the Dodecanese, small ships dock right in the center of this quaint town. A walk up to the imposing Monastery of Saint John (recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site) is a must, not just for the history but also for the view.

Then, there’s Rhodes, with its namesake municipality that is home to the amazing Palace of the Grand Master and its historic medieval city center that dates back to times of Antiquity. Rhodes was the site of the Colossus of Rhodes, one of the original Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, and while the island exists today primarily as a tourist paradise, it is also one of the most memorable places to visit in the Greek Islands.

The possibilities here are endless, and each day brings a new vision of paradise, from the iconic windmills of Mykonos to Heraklion’s Palace of Knossos, one of the most famous attractions on the island of Crete.

A cruise to the Greek Islands is one of the most rewarding journeys you can make; a relaxing voyage back in time to the origins of civilization.

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