Qaqortoq is not only a town with a monopoly on the letter “q” but also a place that’s fun to pronounce – Kwok A Tock, more or less.

Another fun name to produce Alibak Hard, my host in Qaqortoq. With a name like Alibak, you need a sense of good humor (look who’s talking, what could be worse than Ralph Grizzle?). He was both informative and entertaining, good for facts and for fun.

Our affable host in Qaqortoq, Alibak Hard
One of the key attractions in Qaqortoq is the "Stone and Man" artworks carved into the rocks and boulders of the town. You can see the sculptures as you walk along the trails that lead through the town.
You might also want to stop on the bridge that crosses a small stream, where you may see young boys trying to catch salmon, and often succeeding, with their hands.
On the day I arrived, a rainbow welcomed.
Greenlanders kill 100,000 seals annually, but they claim there are 15 million to 20 million seals in the North Atlantic and increasing in number by 10 percent annually. The killing of seals helps to keep the population in check.
Home visits are popular, visiting native Greenlanders and hearing their stories.
mv Discovery, anchored off Qaqortoq
With only 15 kilometers of road in Qaqortoq, the primary mode of transport is by boat. Our next stop, Narsaq. Bye Alibak. Thanks for your hospitality and humor.

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