Ipiutaq Guest Farm

Arriving by boat, the only way to get there unless you risk driving when the bay is frozen, I visited Ipiutaq Guest Farm, where traditional subsistence living meets modern cuisine and comfy quarters.

The owners, and sole occupants of this small place (except for a dog and a few sheep), are Agethe Devisme & Kalista Poulsen, and their daughter Ina.

Agethe is French, Kalista’s Greenlandic. Ina is a beautiful mix of the two.

Following a tour, captured in the accompanying video, Kalista told me a story about once driving home from the airport (really more of an airstrip) in nearby Narsarsuaq. What made the drive interesting was that it was done on one of the days when the ice hardens sufficiently for driving.

The young couple, isolated in the remoteness of South Greenland, talked about their lifestyle and the desire to be free of the many distractions in life. As we left, they stood to use waving goodbye as our tiny boat sped to our next stop, Igaliku.

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