Klaksvik is the second biggest town of the Faroe Island, and the biggest white fish town too. The town is located on Bordoy, which is one of the northernmost islands. Klaksvik is located between two inlets lying back to back. It is an important harbour with fishing industry, and a modern fishing-fleet.

Originally four farms were at the location where Klaksvik is now. By time they grew into four villages that finally merged to what now is called Klaksvik. What really kicked off the development towards a town was the set up af a centralised store for all the northern islands on the location.

The church Christians-kirkjan dates from 1963. Its architecture is unconventional with a detached bell-frame. It is made of Faroese basalt and wood. Inside the church a Faroese rowing boat is hanging down from the ceiling. The font is made af a 4000 years old heathen sacrificial bowl originating from Denmark.

The only brewery is in Klaksvik, with a very popular beer called ‘Føroya Bjór’.

Klaksvik has an annual civic of festivals, called summerfestival in August an seamansday also in August,and also ‘Norðoyastevnan’ which is at the beginning of June.

Klaksvik has the biggest harbour with 3 large berths: North Quay is brand new,and has a length of 320m with 12m depth. `Kósin’ is 260m long and 8.5m depth and West Quay is 260m long 8.5m depth. It is possible to get everything that a ship needs, such as fresh water, garbage containers, oil, provisions and so on. Kósin and West Quay are in the Town whilst North Quay is 4mins by bus.

The Airport is 1 hour away and Klaksvik is connected to the other big islands with an undersea tunnel which takes 5mins to drive through. Klaksvik is the safest harbour in the Faroe Islands to visit because of the high mountains around the fjord, no tide, and only 1.5m between high and low water.

Visit the City of Klaksvik and let the emotion carry you away.

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