Jerusalem, Israel

The port of Ashdod is about an hour’s drive from the religious-history tours in Jerusalem. It’s mind-boggling to think the world’s three great religions all came together during formative stages in the same ancient city, but Jerusalem is considered the most important city of Judaism, the third most important to Islam and site of several important events and places in the history of Christianity. And somehow, Jerusalem manages to keep the peace while still living up to its weighty reputation.

Within the old city’s walls, you will find Christians praying in the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, Muslims bowing down before Al-Aqsa Mosque and Jews celebrating by the Western Wall. Truly an impressive display of faith in such a small area.

Jerusalem’s Old City, which is only about 0.35 square miles, is made up of a crazy quilt of alleys and bustling bazaars that mix ancient relics and modern enhancements. The City of David sits to the south, and in  Palestinian East Jerusalem, you will find consulates, museums and the Garden Tomb, which could be the crucifixion site. Secular and religious neighborhoods, as well as the Israeli capital building, are located in West Jerusalem.

Regardless of one’s beliefs, Jerusalem is frequently a catalyst to greater faith and deeper reflection on the fundamental issues of humanity. Definitely worth of visit if you find yourself in the region.

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