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A Viking community once existed in the town that became Visby in 1203. The Swedish port is approached between two breakwaters. Cruise ships pass the ferry harbor and then the Inner Harbor, near the city center, as well as the town wall and its towers, old homes on a hillside, and the Cathedral of Visby. Ships dock within a few minutes walk of the city center.

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Situated on Gotland, the Baltic Sea’s largest island, Visby (also called “The Town of Roses and Ruins”) has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1995. An impressive stonewall surrounds the well preserved Medieval town.

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Visby was for a long time the natural meeting point for sailors and merchants from all over the Baltic region. Today, visitors enjoy the majestic merchants houses from 17th and 18th century along with almost 200 stone buildings – some of them dating back from the 12th century. More than 2,000 people inhabit the old town, which offers a variety of shops, cafés and restaurants.

visby 4.jpg Excursions include Northern Gotland and its sea stacks (called Rauk); Lummelunda Caves; Roma Kings Manor and Monastery Ruin; Ljugarn classic village; Herrvik fishing port; and Hoburgsgubben (The Hoburg Man), a famous sea stack.

UNESCO World Heritage Site
Visby and its two-mile-long stone town wall, with nearly 200 stone buildings that have survived since the 12th and 13th centuries.

Castles and Kings
Visby’s only castle was demolished in 1679. Not even the ruins remain. But 13th century church ruins do remain. Many are used for open-air concerts and cafes during the summer.

Viking Age
Cruise passengers will also see the world’s largest preserved Viking Age silver collection (in Visby)

The Gotlands Fornsal Museum in Visby shows the fascinating history of the island with a new exhibition about the Viking era.

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