Top Ten Reasons To Cruise From Stockholm

Top Ten Reasons To Cruise From Stockholm

  1. Water, Water Everywhere
    The novelist Selma Lagerlof once referred to Stockholm as “the city that floats on water.” Built on 14 islands, Stockholm does indeed appear to be floating, particularly on the endless summer days, when the sunlight shimmers on the rippling waters.
  2. Stockholm is a city of islands.

  3. Islands In The Stream, Stockholm’s Archipelago
    Stockholm’s residents enjoy the fact that their city is situated on 14 islands, but should that number ever prove to be insufficient, not to worry: At Stockholm’s doorstep are roughly 30,000 islands, islets and rocks – all within easy access of the Swedish capital.

    stockholm 153.jpg
  4. City With A Heart, The Old Town
    From the lofty heights of City Hall’s “Large Tower,” Stockholm’s Old Town appears in the shape of a heart. The symbolism is ?tting in more than one way.
  5. stockholm 147.jpg

  6. Walkable, Bikable Stockholm
    One of the best ways to experience Stockholm is to walk it. You could easily set out in a different direction every day for an entire week to explore something new and exciting in the Swedish capital.

    stockholm 127.jpg

  7. Let’s Fika!
    You can’t say you’ve truly experienced Stockholm until you’ve had a Fika. What’s Fika?

  8. Good Value: Getting What You Pay For
    You’d be hard-pressed to find a visitor to Stockholm who would tell you that it is an inexpensive destination to visit, but savvy travelers will tell you that the Swedish capital provides relatively good value.
  9. shopping

  10. City of Culture
    Stockholm is said to consist of equal parts of water, parks and culture. It certainly is true that Stockholm seems to boast bountiful numbers in each: 60 miles of lake, 50 miles of archipelago, one third of the city covered in parks, and the world’s highest concentration of museums.

    stockholm 284.jpg
  11. Green City
    What’s big and green and occupies one third of Stockholm’s total land area? Parks.

    stockholm 188.jpg

  12. Easy Access
    Stockholm a fairly compact city, so it’s easy to get around and explore. You can walk or bike to most places of interest in Stockholm, or, in this city of islands, you can hop on a ferry.

    Delivers you from the airport to the city center in 20 minutes.

  13. ‘Capital of Scandinavia’
    You saw the movie Mamma Mia, right? If not, surely you know some of the lyrics to the many Abba tunes that became worldwide hits.Abba
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