Örnsköldsvik is pronounced  “uh-veek.” That’s the abbreviated way to say this city in the north of Sweden with the difficult to pronounce name. The full way to say it is something like “un-sholst-veek.”

Örnsköldsvik has a lot to offer, including a UNESCO World Heritage Site nearby (along the High Coast Road), but one of my favorite things to do in Örnsköldsvik was to visit the Surstömming museum.

Surstömming is fermented fish, and according to The Local, Sweden’s News In English, Surstömming has been banned by airlines as an offensive weapon, it smells like a gas leak and it is Swedish schoolchildren’s favorite way to cause classroom chaos. Yet thousands of Swedes regard it as a culinary delicacy. For more from The Local’s perspective, read Rotten Fish? It’s a Delicacy.

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