First mentioned around 1260, Malmo grew into a town in the 14th century and became wealthy due to the herring trade with Hanseatic cities. Now it trades primarily with its neighbor across the sound, Copenhagen, as well as internationally The Copenhagen Malmö Port is a unique cross border alliance. For the first time in history, two ports in two different countries have joined into one company, one organization and one legal entity.

turningtorsoCopenhagen Malmö Port is situated in Øresund at the entrance to the Baltic Sea. Ships enter Malmö either from south via “Flinterenden,” coming from the Baltic/Russia or from North Copenhagen, Norway or Kiel Canal.

Smaller ships dock within walking distance of the city center. At the entrance of the port, ships pass the spectacular Turning Torso, the tallest building in Sweden. Sweden’s third largest city, Malmo is situated in the country’s southernmost county, Skåne. Malmo’s proximity to Copenhagen makes quick travel to the Danish capital, about 35 minutes by train. The Öresund Bridge also connects Malmo and Copenhagen.

Excursions from Malmo include Copenhagen and Lund.

Shopping On Pedestrian Streets

Malmo’s main shopping area runs from Stortorget, along Södergatan, across Gustav Adolfs Torg and then along Södra Förstadsgatan to Triangeln and Möllevångstorget. Most of the area is pedestrian walkway. Be sure to stop in the popular Form Design Center for Scandinavian design.

Art & Culture

Famed director Ingmar Bergman began his career as a director at Malmo’s opera house in Sweden. Today, the opera house presents opera and musicals. The great Swedish film and theater director Ingmar Bergman began his career as a director at Malmo’s opera house, opened in 1944. Today, the opera house presents opera and musicals.


Maritime Museums

Malmo’s Medieval Ships Center features the reconstruction of two medieval cogs (ships used for transportation and trade on the Baltic Sea). The wrecks, one being the world’s largest cog, were found in the Malmö harbor during an excavation.

Castles and Kings

Cruise passengers will also see Scandinavia’s oldest remaining Renaissance castle (Malmo’s Malmohus Castle).


Avid Cruiser Posts, Photographs and Videos Featuring Malmo.

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