The beautiful natural harbour at Stornoway in the Western Isles of Scotland has been recognised as a haven for nearly a thousand years. Dominated by its magnificent castle, the harbour bustles with activity. The lively bustling town has everything you would expect of a modern commercial centre. The town is in the heart of the Outer Hebrides where you can still hear the soft, musical Gaelic language spoken. It is the main seaport of the island chain, providing a vital link to mainland Britain.

The Ro/Ro berth and cruise liner facility at Number 3 Pier enables vessels of 135m length to tie alongside safely. A chart datum depth of 6m is available on the east side of Number 3 Pier and 5m on the west side.

The Port of Stornoway is the gateway to an island steeped in history. The Standing Stones of Calanais are one of the most remote and ancient monuments in Europe, raised on a whaleback ridge overlooking Loch Roag. A nearby Visitor’s Centre and Exhibition promote a greater understanding of the 5,000 year-old stones. 20 miles from the pier and 0.5 miles from the Exhibition Centre, the stones are accessible for handicapped visitors. Close by the Standing Stones is a prehistoric broch overlooking the Atlantic Ocean from whence came the marauding Vikings.

The Black House is a traditional thatched house where even today the peat fire flame in the centre of the floor gives a warm welcome to any visitor. The local museum is within walking distance of the pier and houses some of the beautiful Lewis Chessmen. These ivory pieces, unearthed 150 years ago, were left on the Island of Lewis by the marauding Vikings.

A stroll through the town takes you to Lewis Castle built around 1850 and the beautiful gardens which surround it. A visit in early June when the rhododendrons are in full bloom can be breathtaking.

Visitors to this port and island will be welcomed with the Gaelic greeting ‘Ceud Mile Failte’ (one hundred thousand welcomes) and leave refreshed, with the thought that the cares of tomorrow can wait until this day is done. ‘It is a welcoming land where people’s lives are touched and coloured by the strong tradition of the past,’ says Captain A Macleod, Harbour Master, Port of Stornoway.

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