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The Orkney archipelago, 70 remote and beautiful Islands, 59 degrees north off the North East of Scotland, is located on the same latitude as southern Greenland; the Gulfstream accounting for the Islands’ temperate climate. Orkney has fascinating discoveries around every corner, many of which ultimately pose more questions than they answer. To appreciate Orkney, visitors don’t need a particular knowledge of history – just curiosity and a lively imagination! Every day of a cruise is filled with adventure and wonder. When your ship calls into Orkney, rarely does a day go by without something ‘archaeological, meteorological or topological’ stopping the visitor in their tracks. The quality of the light, the ever changing weather, the magnificence of the archaeological sites and the awe-inspiring vistas and seascapes will take your breath away.

Orkney is justly world-famous for its monumental Neolithic and Iron-age archaeology. There are 4 World Heritage sites dating back to 3100BC including Skara Brae Stone Age Village (circa 3100BC), Maeshowe Chambered Cairn, The Ring of Brodgar (Orkneys own Stonehenge, circa 2000BC) and the Standing Stones of Stenness.

It is equally famous and important as a habitat for birds and wildlife, with 19 highest level European Special Protection Areas or Special Areas of Conservation and one RAMSAR (International Wetlands) designation, set within around 750,000 acres of actively managed land as wildlife reserves.

Amongst Orkney’s War Relics there is an Italian Chapel constructed and hand painted by Italian Prisoners of War, a Naval Museum with war relics and artefacts, and Scapa Flow, the resting place of the Royal Oak and the scuttled German Fleet in World War 2 where there is excellent diving in depths of 25m of sheltered waters.

Orkney boasts Balfour Castle, Britain’s most northerly inhabited castle; St. Magnus Cathedral, Britain’s most Northerly Cathedral; Earls and Bishops Palaces, Britain’s most Northerly former Royal Residences; and Highland Park, in operation for 200 years, Britain’s most Northerly distillery producing arguably Scotland finest Single Malt.

We welcome over 70 cruise ships every year into our 3 deep water piers, and with up to 28 comfortable, modern 45-seater coaches with skilled local drivers and over 30 accredited and highly-trained local guides, you are assured of a highly informative and enjoyable visit.

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