Founded in 1641, Kristiansand is a town steeped in tradition and maritime history. It was once the home to one of the world’s largest fleets of sailing ships. Although the whole town centre fits within one square kilometre it is Norway’s fifth largest town and the capitol of Southern Norway.

At the Fisherman’s wharf one can find an exciting fish market, lively restaurants and small boat traffic. Kristiansand’s old town, Posebyen, can boast Northern Europe’s largest collection of lowrise, wall-to-wall wooden houses.

From Kristiansand visitors have easy access to unspoilt nature. The south coast is dotted with mile upon mile of tiny rocky islands and picturesque white-painted houses in sheltered inlets, all set against a backdrop of lush green forests and lakes, and a mountainous and majestic inland. See Kristiansand and the surrounding region by foot, bike or coach. Try the vintage railway trip through the narrow gorge inland or enjoy a glorious boattrip along the island-speckled coast.

  • The Setesdalsbanen Vintage Railway – Narrowgauge (1067mm) railway powered by a steam engine from 1901. The track section covers 8km through tunnels, under avalanche shelters and across dams. The trip recreates the special atmosphere of a turn-of-century railway journey. A traditional light snack, lefse, can be offered in authentic historical surroundings.
  • Vest Agder Museum, Kristiansand – One of Norway’s largest museums featuring culture and history of Kristiansand and the county of Vest- Agder. Old town street with authentic houses. Well preserved farmyard houses.
  • The Archipelago – Explore the magic waterways outside Kristiansand, a passage protected from the open sea by an elongated archipelago of rocky islands. Enjoy a boat journey to the historic coastal town Lillesand.
  • Posebyen – the old town of Kristiansand, Northern Europe’s largest collection of low-rise, wall-to-wall wooden houses.
  • Kristiansand Wildlife Park, 150 acres of wild Nordic terrain, Nordic and other exotic animals.
  • The Mineral Park, More than 1000 exceptional minerals exhibited in underground tunnels.
  • Kristiansand Cannon Museum, The world’s largest land-based cannon (337 tons).
  • Agder Natural History Museum & Botanical Garden, South Norway’s natural history from the ice age to the present, geology, flora and fauna.
  • The Fish market – 100m from ship, on your own. Lively restaurants, canals and small boat traffic, excellent fresh fish, prawns and other shellfish.
  • Ravnedalen Valley and Baneheia Nature Park, Vigorous and “mystical” nature park, extending into Baneheia recreational area.
  • Bronze Age Settlement, See how ancient Norwegians lived in the Bronze – and Viking Age.
  • Søgne Old Church, Norway’s oldest half-timber church, built in 1640. Oddernes Church, Stone church, built approx. 1100-1150 AD. Runic stone in the porch.

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