Searching in 1553 for a northeast passage to India, British navigator Richard Chancellor came upon a crag. He named the jut of rock 307 meters above the Barents Sea, North Cape. Today, Europe’s northernmost point is rite-of-passage journey for nearly all Scandinavians. And much of the world has followed. Cruise passengers visit North Cape from Honningsvåg, a fishing village situated on Magerøya Island.

The journey from Honningsvåg to North Cape covers about 35 kilometers across a landscape characterized by rocky tundra and grazing reindeer, rounded up each spring by Sami herdsmen in boats. The herdsmen force the reindeer to swim across a mile-wide channel from their winter home on the mainland. Honningvåg’s northerly makes for long, dark winter nights and perpetual sun-filled summer days. The village serves as the gateway to Arctic exploration and the beautiful North Cape Plateau, a destination that calls to all visitors to this region.

Avid Cruiser Posts, Photographs and Videos Featuring Honningsvåg.

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