Modern Day Vikings in Gudvangen

Ships don’t typically call on Gudvangen but on Flåm, with tours offered to Gudvangen. It’s possible to travel in one direction by motorcoach and return by boat through Nærøyfjord.

On an arm of Sognefjord, Gudvangen is situated at the foot of steep cliffs soaring 5,500 feet above the water’s surface and plunging deep into the water to form one of the region’s deepest fjord basins. Listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List, Nærøyfjord is the narrowest and most spectacular of the Sognefjord inlets. With steep mountains and mighty waterfalls and small hamlets nestled along the shores it is an experience to remember.

From May- September there is a Viking Camp with Vikings awaiting visitors as they come ashore.
Inside a Viking dwelling.

Avid Cruiser Posts, Photographs and Videos Featuring Gudvangen.

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