Cruising From Amsterdam

A fairly small city, Amsterdam is packed with treasures for travelers. The city’s signature feature – perhaps most beautiful, too – is the network of canals through and around the city.

A canal cruise is a must, whether in an open-top canal boat or a self-pedaled “canal bike,” so that you can see dozens of spectacular Amsterdam sights, including stunning architecture that ranges from medieval to modern, tree-lined neighborhoods and quirky houseboats.

With thousands of bridges, Amsterdam is a great walking city, too. The museums are special attractions here, especially the Rijksmuseum, a Neo-Gothic delight with the finest collection of 17th century Dutch art, and the Van Gogh Museum, devoted to the dotted-and-dashed brush strokes and somewhat troubled life of one of the world’s most-loved European artists.

If time allows, see the Anne Frank House, too, for some poignant memories of that brave girl. And be sure to rent a bike and do as the Dutch do: pedal.

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