Rostock & Warnemunde

Rostock & Warnemunde

Rostock WarnemundeFounded in 1218, the Hanseatic city Rostock is approached at the seaside resort Warnemunde, where most cruise ships dock. Warnemunde was famed for its baths and spas in the 20th century. Ships pass a lighthouse and wide, sandy beaches to reach the port, where in 1860, the Baltic’s largest fleet of sailing ships was based.

Though the port and city are one, Rostock is about six miles from the port. Transit to the city center ranges from about 20 minutes (by land) or 40 minutes (by boat). Rostock features one of Europe’s first universities, a town wall and gothic churches, while Warnemunde offers restaurants, cafes, bars and shops, all within walking distance of the docks.

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The large port of Rostock played an important role in the Hanseatic League in the Middle Ages. The economic power from trade gave rise to culture and education. The city houses one of Europe’s oldest universities, founded in 1419. The university gave Rostock the name “The Northern Light.”

Excursions from Rostock include Berlin.


Rostock boasts Germany’s largest farmer’s market.


Rostock’s Kulturhistorische Museum, located in a Cistercian convent founded 1270 by Denmark’s Queen Margarete, features a remarkably complete ornamentation at convent church.

Rostock has approximately 200,000 inhabitants, and as such is the largest city in Mecklenburg – Western Pomerania, and is the centre of the holiday area in that region. Situated close to the open sea it is one of the most attractive towns along the German coastline of the Baltic Sea.

Founded in the year 1218, Rostock became a powerful town in the Hanseatic trading association. The trading by sea of grain, fish and beer and the largest fleet on the Baltic Sea brought prosperity to the town’s merchants. Many of the famous medieval buildings still existing and are in use. The famous churches dominate the skyline of the down-town area and bring a contrast to the elements of modern life one can easily find.

The foundation of the university goes back to the year 1419 and it is the oldest alma mater in northern Europe. Students are always dynamic in the heart of a town.

Science and advanced technology, shipbuilding, harbour activities and of course tourism are still flourishing in Rostock and in its seaside resort Warnemuende. Warnemuende is the place of accommodation of cruise ships and more. It is something like love at first sight, the best place to feel the link between Rostock and the sea. Originally a fishing village, then a bathing spa and now a seaside resort with a flair of its own. Simply unique. A spacious promenade and typical bathing resort architecture make it very attractive for tourists and cruise ship passengers after their journey.

Warnemuende is also the place to start your tour to visit the German capital Berlin. It is a must for most of our guests. After a two hour train ride from the station adjacent to the passenger terminal, you arrive directly in the heart of Berlin.

The countryside around Rostock is also worth a visit. A narrow gauge steam train puffs its way through the streets of Bad Doberan, a country town 15km west of Rostock, with a gothic minster, a relic of the former Cisterian monastery. It is only one of the attractions of this former residence of Mecklenburg’s dukes.

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