Cuxhaven situated directly at the mouth of the river Elbe, is the gateway to the federal state of Lower Saxony and one of the most popular summer holiday destinations in Germany. Miles of long sandy beaches offer guests a variety of ways to pass the time. Enjoy a relaxing stroll along the promenades, or around the many tourist attractions, or just sit with a good book in one of the many beach baskets on the soft golden sand.

The town itself with the historic castle dates back to the 13th century. Always linked to the sea Cuxhaven invites guests from all over the world to see and learn about the history of the German ocean-going and inshore fishing fleets. Today the historic fish halls, where in former times the fish was landed, offer many local fish restaurants were delicious fresh fish lunches are provided.

One of the main attractions is the one and only original historic Cruise Liner Terminal ‘Steubenhöft’, which is today the only fully working cruise liner terminal of its kind in Europe. Built between 1900 and 1902, the terminal is in the ideal geographical location of Cuxhaven direct at the mouth of the river Elbe just off the open North Sea, only an hour’s sailing time from the Kiel canal. This gives cruise lines ideal conditions to start cruises from Cuxhaven to Norway, Iceland, around Great Britain and even to Baltic Sea destinations. To this very day the Cruise Liner Terminal satisfies every need of modern cruise and passenger traffic.

In the past times the ‘Steubenhöft’ used to be the ‘quay of desire’ for those, who left the old world and their families for a new hopeful life in America. Today it’s the ‘homeport’ for many Cruise Lines starting and ending their cruises in Cuxhaven. In the last five years the number of cruise ships calling at Cuxhaven has increased constantly. In the season between May and September every year more than 30,000 cruise passengers are starting and ending their cruises in Cuxhaven and this ideal cruise location is becoming more and more attractive also as a ‘port of destination’ for cruise ships. Shore excursions to the 2nd biggest city in Germany, the old Hansestadt Hamburg (1.5hrs by bus) and to the old historical Hansestadt Bremen (1hr by bus) are offered to the cruise passengers, as well as excursions around Cuxhaven with its historic churches, castles and unique nature with bird watching, horse riding and many other attractions.

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