Allure of the Seas just makes it under the Great Belt Bridge 2010. Photo by Martin Nikolaj.

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Cruise fans in Korsoer who came out to see Allure of the Seas pass under Storebælt (Great Belt Bridge) in October 2010 were in for a treat. Seeing the world’s largest cruise ship barely make it under the world’s largest suspension bridge was an event not to be missed.

Before the completion of Europe’s largest suspension bridge in 1998, Korsoer was a major ferry hub offering services to nearby areas. Today, it is an aspiring cruise destination, situated just south of the Great Belt Bridge.

The first mention of Korsoer as a town dates back to 1241. King Christian IV, Eric of Pomerania and others helped put the area on the map.

Korsoer For Cruise Passengers

The Port of Korsoer is close to the shipping lanes that connect the North Sea and the Kattegat with the Baltic Sea.Cruise ships dock in the middle of town, near the fortress built by King Christian IV around 1600.

Visitors arriving by cruise ship will set foot in a quaint seaside market town situated on the west coast of Zealand, Denmark’s largest island. Cruise visitors can explore the markets, museums, heritage sites, and the nearby forests and beaches of the Great Belt coast region.

Quiet seaside market town of Korsoer. Photo by Flemming. d5000

Do Not Miss

  • A top attraction of the area is the remaining central tower of a medieval castle at Korsoer Coastal Battery, also referred to as “the fortress.”
  • Museum buffs will enjoy Korsoer Town & Crossing Museum, located in The Great Magazine. The collection contains models of ships and ferries from the Great Belt Crossing.
  • Those looking to go in-depth to discover the history of the area will enjoy The Local History Archives, located in the “Commandants Residence.” This wood-faced, half-timbered building dates back to 1720.
  • In recent years, Korsoer has become a popular destination for artists. Cruise guests can visit Kongegaarden, which is a regional center for the arts.
  • Located in the Konengaadredn is the Isenstein Collection, which has more than 7,000 works, comprising sculptures, drawings and paintings.
  • The Iceboat Museum is located in a small museum at the end of Halsskov Odde. The museum describes the history and significance of the iceboat crossings and the icebreakers on the Great Belt from 1795 to 1996.

Getting Further

Located across the bridge, Funen is a nice place to relax.

Korsoer is surrounded by water and beautiful countryside.

  • Take a ferry to nearby Funen located on the other end of the Great Belt Bridge.
  • Learn about the Vikings from The Society of the Friends of The Viking Fortress located in Trelleborg, a few kilometers away.
  • Fans of the outdoors will enjoy Taarnborg Park and the view over Korsoer Nor as well as the historical Taarnborg Church.
  • Take a swimsuit and enjoy a swim with the locals at the beach near the village of  Svendstrup (only 5 kilometers from Korsoer).

[googleMap name=”Korsoer, Denmark”]Korsoer, Denmark[/googleMap]

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