Cruising From Copenhagen? Be sure to add in one or two days to see all that there is to see in this wonderful city. With that in mind, we present, Two Perfect Days, Copenhagen, For Cruise Passengers.

If you truly want to experience Copenhagen, skip the Danish and go for the hot dog.

After all, every Dane loves a good dog, so not only will you be doing something quintessentially Danish, but on your quest for the perfect hot dog, you also will visit the key attractions in the Danish capital.

Gourmet Hot Dogs at The Nimb

Following my advice, you’re going to get a taste of Copenhagen — and a hot dog — that you’re not likely to soon forget.


Your quest begins at the time-honored D’Angleterre, one of the world’s oldest hotels, situated in the heart of Copenhagen. You can’t beat the location, on Kongens Nytorv (the King’s New Square). For a full review of D’Angleterre, visit The Avid Cruiser’s Copenhagen Hotel Guide.

D’Angleterre is the choice hotel for heads of state and celebrities. On the plaques adjacent to the hotel reception area, peruse the impressive roster of those who have stayed at Copenhagen’s grande dame. There’s the late Michael Jackson. The pop king reportedly was insulted when his offer to buy the King Arthur statue that adorns one of the stairways was refused. Jackson was said to quip, “Well, can I just buy the whole hotel then?”

You’re not buying the whole hotel, of course, but you are ponying up a pretty penny for one of the suites. The Royal Suite is a little too rich, so you settled on one of two other suites.

You considered the Victor Borge Suite, at one end on the first floor (111) because the thought of Borge, “The Great Dane,” makes you smile. The Danish musical prodigy was as quick with a joke as he was talented at tickling the ivory.

Copenhagen's D'Angleterre

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