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Hear how a local would spend one perfect day in Aarhus.

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Ron Mueck's "Boy," at the ARoS Art Museum in Aarhus, courtesy of Ukendt

Denmark’s second-largest city, Aarhus appeals to so-called “culture vultures.” That’s because for tourists, Aarhus has a number of museums, big and small, that are worthy of a full day’s visit — or longer.

Among the must-see museums:

Den Gamle By — The world’s first open-air museum, Den Gamle By (The Old Town) depicts the bygone life of a Danish market town. Representing Denmark in miniature, the museum features 75 historic buildings from 20 townships throughout Denmark.

Moesgård Museum — At this museum of prehistory, you can meet the Grauballe Man. One of the world’s best-preserved ancient bodies, Grauballe Man was found in 1952 when someone discovered the body while digging for peat. Carbon dating puts Grauballe Man’s death at around 290 B.C. His cadaver was in such good condition that fingerprints could be taken.

ARoS Art Museum —  One of Northern Europe’s largest art museums, ARoS features major art exhibitions in nine rooms. Certainly one of the more intriguing artworks is Ron Mueck’s “Boy,” a five-meter-high life-like sculpture of an Australian boy crouching in the outback, searching for prey.

Aarhus Occupation Museum — The museum depicts the dramatic events during the German occupation of Aarhus from 1940 – 1945.

Boasting more than 1,200 years of history, Aarhus began as a Viking settlement, at the mouth of the river Aros, in the 8th century. Traces of Viking life can still be found in the city, though Aarhus is also one of Denmark’s most modern and vibrant cities, thanks in part to a large student population.

Cruise ships dock within a ten-minute walk from the heart of the city center. Aarhus is a member of Cruise Europe.


Aarhus Official Tourism Web Site

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