Aarhus, Denmark and Legoland

My kids and friends they met on the ship, enjoyed Legoland.
We would have enjoyed seeing the Danish town Arhus, but for the last day of our cruise we chose to visit Legoland, about an hour away from the port by motorcoach. The Danish toy company operates only four Legolands worldwide. Our kids had been to Legoland near San Diego. The Danish park, however, was superior, in their expert opinion, and in fact, our day there was fun for the adults as well.

Legoland seemed an appropriate end to our cruise. Our kids were wide-eyed, just as they had been back at the Royal Palace in Copenhagen. Indeed, we had experienced Baltic bliss during those 10 long days when it seemed the sun would never set and our summer would never end.

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  • After reading your posts I am planning to cruise the Baltics in July. Thank u.


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