spain cruises What’s not to love about Spain cruises? Whether you’re departing Barcelona to cruise the Mediterranean, or whether you’re sailing along the country’s northern coast, Spain cruises provide a lot of variety.

Northern Spain Cruises

In the north, you’ll find Celtic traditions. We enjoyed hearing Celtic music and watching cider-pouring where a waiter lifts the bottle high above his head and pours the cider into a glass well below his waist. You can see how it is done in the videos below.

One city that surprised me was Santander, Spain. See Santander, Spain, Surprised Me: 20 Photos That Will Inspire You. I cruised Northern Spain on Silver Whisper with my daughter, where we enjoyed experiencing all that the Basque country had to offer.

We walked In Hemingway’s Footsteps, Visiting Pamplona, Spain, On A Silversea Excursion. We also enjoyed our time A Coruña.

Southern Spain Cruises

In the south of Spain, you’ll find sun-splashed coasts and traditional foods, such as tapas and paella. A favorite, of course, in Barcelona, with its wonderful markets and wide streets, and Antoni Gaudi’s masterworks (you either love them or hate them) such as Sagrada Familia.

About 45 minutes from the city, you’ll find gorgeous Montserrat, a national park and pilgrimage site.

Other great cities include Valencia, Granada, Malaga, Cadiz and of course, Sevilla. You can visit them all on Spain cruises.

Avid Cruiser Videos

See what Spain cruises have to offer in our Avid Cruiser feature videos in the player below. I hope you find the information on this page useful, and if I can help, please fill out the form below the videos. Check out our Avid Cruiser videos featuring ports of call along the Spanish coast by using the player above. Note that there are eight videos in the player, so sit back and relax.

For Port Profiles, Shore Excursions and What To Do In Port, click on the destinations below.

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