The first time I visited Mykonos, I remember two pelicans wondering freely in the old fishing port, just where the tender dropped off guests. It was a odd and unexpected view, and it made me happy just to be there. I know that one of pelicans, Petros, is famous, and all the locals are used to seeing him around. Petros is a quite big bird! Sometimes Petros walks along the little streets of the Old Town, just like the tourists.

As part of the Cyclades Island, Mykonos has an international atmosphere. The charming downtown, Chora, has a world-renowned nightlife and is known as the Greek Ibiza, with a gay-friendly reputation. During the day, be sure to visit the area called Little Venice and the Windmills. Both are a 10-minute walk from the village center.

Walking Around Mykonos, Like Petros

Many cruise ships dock 15 minutes by bus to Mykonos. Check to see if your ship offers a shuttle bus service. Taxis are limited, and walking from the docks to the town is not a highlight. There’s no sidewalk and not much of a view.

Alex strolls along the narrow streets with travel writer Meagen Drillinger. © Ralph Grizzle

I thought I would share with you a few photos taken during the time that my son Alex and I spent roaming about this sunny Greek island.

Nice views as we climb ever higher. © Ralph Grizzle
Sea Cloud II and Azamara Quest anchored in Mykonos. © Ralph Grizzle
Windmills grace the exposed hilltops of windy Mykonos. © Ralph Grizzle
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