Saguenay, Quebec


Saguenay is one of the world’s longest fjords.


You can appreciate this fact  sailing in on a ship, or, as I saw it, on a helicopter excursion. The daring adventure takes you up close  to — and high over — some of the world’s most dramatic landscapes.


There’s also quite a lot to appreciate on the ground in Saguenay, and it begins in the new cruise terminal, where there are boutiques and local craftsmen offering quality merchandise, not the kind of touristy trinkets you’d normally find in destinations frequented by tourists.


Saguenay’s natural beauty is spectacular, and so is its culture. I enjoyed visits to so-called Economy Museums.


One is the Savonnerie Olivier, which offers an exceptionally well-done and humorous presentation about soap making. I even bought a few bars of the soap, made from pure olive oil.


I also enjoyed an afternoon at Le Chevrier du Nord, a family farm that breeds angora goats.


At the Musee de Fjord, I learned a lot about the history of this region and about its natural habitat. I left Saguenay wanting to return.


Saguenay is an Avid Cruiser Recommended Destination on Saint Lawrence Cruise Itineraries.

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