Sydney, Nova Scotia

Sydney, Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia’s Cape Breton Island has been named the world’s most beautiful island, and one great way to experience that is along the Cabot Trail. But no matter which direction you travel on Cape Breton Island, you’re bound to come up on a place of astounding beauty. I particularly enjoyed the charming town of Baddeck, which was home to the inventor Alexander Graham Bell and a great place to begin a sailing adventure.

I also enjoyed a visit to the Highland Village Museum. It’s a living history museum and cultural center that celebrates the Gaelic culture in Nova Scotia.

At the Highlands Village Museum Colin, pictured with me, sang us a song in Gaelic

There are lots of museums on Cape Breton Island and one of the more popular ones if the Alexander Graham Bell Museum. It provides a fascinating glimpse into the invention of the telephone.

At the Cape Breton Miners Museum, I went under the sea deep into cold mines with a tour guide who had actually worked in this harsh environment as a boy.

Deep underground and under the sea at the Cape Breton Miners Museum.

I also enjoyed a visit to the Fortress of Louisbourg, which is the largest reconstructed French fortified town in North America.

Stepping back into time at Fortress Louisbourg.

At this Parks Canada National Historic Site, I felt as though I were living back in the 18th century.

Lunch the way it was once served at Fortress Louisbourg

So chart a course for Sydney, Nova Scotia to explore all that this region has to offer. This is Ralph Grizzle reporting from beautiful Cape Breton Island — “Nova Scotia’s Masterpiece.”

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