Corner Brook, Newfoundland

Corner Brook

Recently I had the pleasure of visiting Corner Brook, Newfoundland. I found it to be an exceptionally charming destination, with a lot of small-town charm and lots of opportunities to stretch my legs. I particularly enjoyed a series of hiking trails that lead from where the cruise ships dock into the city center.

It seems that in every direction I looked there was water and exceptionally picturesque fishing villages. It was picture postcard perfect.

Beautiful Newfoundland scenery at Norris Point, in Gros Morne National Park, a call on cruise ship itineraries.

For an overview of the beautiful Bay of Islands, I visited the Captain James Cook National Historic Site. The legendary Captain was the first to map this gorgeous coastline.

One of the more popular cruise excursions from Corner Brook is to the UNESCO World Heritage Site known as Gros Morne National Park. The park certainly presents a stunning landscape in this beautiful region of Newfoundland, and you could spend hours here just admiring it.

At Lark Harbor, I got to know the locals when I had lunch with the church ladies. Now this was a down home affair and about as enjoyable as it gets. Especially that great home cooking.

A Newfoundland favorite? Cod tongues.

Visiting the aquarium at the Bonne Bay Marine Station allowed me to experience the sea life firsthand. I got to see some rather strange looking sea creatures and have a little fun while there.

Corner Brook offers lots of opportunities for active excursions, and I enjoyed getting on an ATV and traveling along gravel roads to what seemed like the top of the world.

After an ATV ride to the top of the world in Corner Brook, Newfoundland.

After ATVing, I prepared for a zipline adventure. This was no ordinary adventure. We’d be ziplining over Steady Brook Falls, which required that we go on the highest zipline in all of Canada.

Ziplining over Canada's highest waterfalls.

This is Ralph Grizzle reporting from a place that gives me a natural high: Corner Brook, Newfoundland.

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