Day 13 – Disembarking the Star Princess

Day 13 – Disembarking the Star Princess

Gail Jessen, Live Voyage Reports

Thank you for following the Live Voyage Report for Star Princess – Alaska’s Inside Passage all the way to the end. The only update left at this point is to let you know how disembarkation went.

I’ve mentioned a number of times that Princess is skilled at turning chaotic situations into smooth and simple processes. Disembarkation was no different. We received a memo in our room, as did everyone, two days before the event. The memo clearly outlined everything one could possibly want to know about the process. Included with the memo were luggage tags, coded with a color and a number. That color/number combination led passengers to a particular dining room or lounge at a set time. Some people opted for Express Walk Off and handled their own luggage. We opted to leave our luggage outside our door before we went to bed and only dealt with our carry-on bags the day of disembarkation. Our luggage was waiting for us in the San Francisco cruise terminal, also per our luggage tag color and number. The cruise terminal itself was absolute madness, but that’s mostly because people seemed tired and rude, perhaps concerned about catching flights. There wasn’t much Princess could do to resolve that.

My advice for a successful disembarkation is simple: Read your memo thoroughly. Go with the flow. Book your homeward transportation late enough in the day so you are not rushed and rude to your fellow passengers. Go home relaxed and full of lasting memories.

If you’d like to re-live this adventure or share it with friends. If you’re still wondering who you shared this adventure with, here’s a quick post about me and how I ended up reporting for The Avid Cruiser.

You can join me on my next journey via Instagram and Twitter @fourthirtyam. I will also start sharing more personal reflections of Alaska on my own website (A Series of Adventures), in addition to new photos not shared on Avid Cruiser.

I hope you’ve enjoyed your virtual vacation.

Bon voyage,

Star Princess, Alaska, Roundtrip San Francisco

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  • One last thank you for a great series of very descriptive reports. Originally I was a bit worried 11 days was too long for our first cruise, but It seemed to go by quickly as I read your daily posts. Your descriptions of all the ship activities, sights and shore excursions have me now thinking it might be too short! It sounds like you and Heather really enjoyed your cruise and I’m looking forward to ours.

    • The time flies by. I could’ve been on the ship and in Alaska for months and never tired of it. Enjoy each day to the fullest and come home with beautiful memories. Bon voyage, Robert.


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