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When I first contemplated cruising more than 20 years ago, I was extremely confused by all of the options. There were small ships, large ships, sailing ships, trans-Atlantic liners, tiny staterooms, spacious suites, all-inclusive vs. non all-inclusive – and so many places to visit on a variety of itineraries. What to do? And that was just ocean cruising. Now, there’s river cruising and expedition cruising complicating the mix even more.

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While cruise ships can take you anywhere and everywhere, deciding where to go and when to go can often be overwhelming. That’s where I come in. I want to point you in the right direction so that you can experience the joy that I’ve experienced in my more than two decades of cruising. To get started, take two minutes to complete the form below, and I’ll send you recommendations to help get you started in choosing a cruise that works for you.

I truly appreciate your unbiased advice. It’s difficult to find these days. — Keith, Calgary Alberta

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“Been there, done that?” Are you looking for new ships, new destinations and new ways to travel by ship? I’ve done it all – well, almost. Let me help you decide on what to experience next.

Are you new to cruising?

Confused by the abundance in cruise choices? Do you need help determining which ship and which itinerary would be best for you? Want to know how to select a stateroom that works for your budget and won’t cramp your style? I can help with these decisions too. My goal is to help you get on a ship and an itinerary that works for you.

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Want insider advice on how to make the most of your time in the destinations you’ll visit? Looking for suggestions about how to optimize your time on ship? While I can’t provide detailed itineraries, I can point you to resources on Avid Cruiser that will help you make decisions about how you want to spend your time aboard and ashore.

Please note that my goal is to help you find a cruise that you’re happy with, and with more than 200 cruises under my belt, I feel qualified to do so. I don’t sell cruises, but I sometimes rely on travel professionals to help me to assess all of the options. If you decide to book with the travel seller I may receive compensation from the travel professional or cruise company. Furthermore, you are under no obligation to book with the travel seller who may be helping me with recommendations for you.


  • We are celebrating a 70th birthday……would prefer sophistication, no children to speak of, not too formal and stuffy, tho. Entertainment and dancing is a must. Sailed Oceania and found it very quiet/dull. Nice ship, tho

    • Have you looked at SeaDream? If that’s too informal, take a look at Silversea.

    • Have you looked at SeaDream? If that’s too informal, take a look at Silversea.

  • We are planning a family get together for an Alaskian cruise the summer of 2012.  Not really interested in casino or disco.  Catering to middle age and older…will have a couple of kids.  First time cruising!

  • Three of us are booked and heading out on Epic… some of us have never cruised.  I am concerned on the noise and smoke smell I am hearing about on  the “big boxy Epic”   We are mid 60’s and just retiring.  Am wondering it Epic was a poor choice ..if it is soooo crowed and th noise level is simply outragious… We were a bit concerned as it is during spring break too.  We were told college kids take  shorter cruises… I am sooo looking forward but now a bit apprehensive

    • I’ve been on Epic. It was a bit much for me, BUT I’ve also talked to a lot of people who have enjoyed it very much, and certainly there were a lot of elements that I enjoyed – the Blue Man Group, the dining venues, and lots of entertainment options. Have you considered upgrading the Epic’s exclusive accommodations at The Haven?

  • We will have two days in Port in Dublinn Ireland in June. We have never been to Dublin. Suggestions for what to do???

  • Slighly off topic – you photos are great.  What kind of equiptment are you using?  We sail on the Riviera in a few months.  Can’t wait to see and here more.

    • Nothing is off topic! Canon 7D, but you may want to go with T3i because of the swivel LED display.

      • Thanks so much.  And I can’t believe all of the typos in my original post

  • We have one day in sorrento on a Crystal Cruise, and I read your article in port profiles about one long day in Sorrento.  Can you recommend a priavate tour company to do a similar itinerary for us?  We would like a driver guide if possible.

    thanks so much.  Love your website. 

  • Hi Ralph! i just happened upon your blog this evening, as I was trying to differentiate between all these cruise lines… my, oh my!! So, here is my dilemma: My husband and I have been married 10 years this coming January (2016). I want to surprise him with a cruise since neither of us have been on one, nor did we have a honeymoon. I’m not a big, “Hey, let’s hang out in the middle of the ocean” kind-of girl. I REALLY like land. He REALLY wants to cruise. So here’s what I’m looking for: I’d like to find a 10 day cruise that goes to some of the most beautiful islands in the Caribbean… as many BEAUTIFUL lands stops as possible for around $2200 each…mostly because I’d like to stay in a suite. Do you think the suite matters, and can you recommend a cruise line? What places do we really NEED to see?

    I am diggin’ your blog, by the way! It’s fantastic and packed full of adventure! Thank you!

  • Hi Ralph Hope you’re well. Have spoken to you in the past… Karla and are available to cruise when ever. We’re taken silver seas and have
    cruised the Regent line twice ( it’s OK ) and will take one of their ships on the 22nd of May From Athens to Venice staying at the Kempinski
    for a few days. We would like to consider the most elegant ship that sails the seven seas . Cost is not an object . 600 to 700 people is fine
    and an all inclusive venue is what we prefer. Of the top cruise lines which is the one which stands taller than the rest. Many thanks for your opinion..

    • Hi Leopold, Nice to hear from you. I respond much quicker and can keep track when you use the form above. In the up to 700 passenger range, I like the aesthetic of Seabourn. Just a personal taste. Regent is a little over the top for me, but beautiful for many I am sure.

  • Q: Hi Ralph, Going on the Emerald Sun riverboat cruise in June 2018. When is the best time for lower air fare and is it best to go through the cruise line or on my own. Wasn’t sure if the cruise line really gave better air rates. Thank you in advance & happy sailings to you.

    • I always recommend using a travel agent Becky. You will often get equal or better rates from a travel agent, plus possible perks that you may not receive by going direct to the cruise line. Emerald is a great cruise line. You should have no regrets.

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