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Setting Sail

On May 8, 2010, I set sail on Star Flyer, sister to Star Clipper. Both are 360 feet long, and each carries only 170 guests.

I’m not quite sure what to expect, but I’m told that accommodations are spacious, the teak decks are expansive and that nothing can be more relaxing that sailing under a light breeze in the Mediterranean.

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Star Flyer May 8, 2010 Western Mediterranean – Tyrrhenian Sailing

SaturdayRead Day 1, Cannes, France
SundayRead Day 2, Calvi, Corsica
MondayStrait of Bonifacio (Morning Sailing)
Monday AfternoonRead Day 3, Costa Smeralda, Sardinia
TuesdayGiglio, Italy Altered due to weather to Read Day 4, Santo Stefano
WednesdayRead Day 5, Lerici, Italy
ThursdayRead Day 6, Monte Carlo, Monaco
FridayRead Day 7, St. Tropez, France
SaturdayRead Day 8, Cannes, France

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  • Hi, I have done 3 sailings on Star Clippers, one transatlantic, one Far East and 14 days in the Caribbean.
    Think you will be pleasantly surprised with accommodations and facilities on board, will be interested to hear your experiences.
    Have a great trip !

  • Can you check to see if handicapped clients can travel with the Star?
    Also do they accomodate Vegan’s dietary needs?

    Thanks have a great time…………Dan and Nancy

  • As a followup to previous questions regarding handicapped clients would someone with some mobility limitations such as walking up long flights of stairs or long distances without stopping considers cruising on the Star Flyer or Clipper

  • To those who have asked about mobility, I would not recommend Star Flyer to someone with limited mobility. The tenders alone can be challenging as can the walk up the long gangway stairs. Maneuvering around the ship can also be challenging.

  • About the Vegan meals, yes, Star Flyer accommodates. I had Vegan last night, an excellent dish of sauteed vegetables and rice. Also, I find the portions to be extremely reasonable – not too much as to leave you overly full and bloated!

  • My husband & I have done two trips on Star Flyer and one on Royal Clipper. Our last trip on Star Flyer was in March of 2019 on one of their Caribbean trips. The food was very good and improved a lot over our first trip about seven years ago. The rooms are not large but comfortable and beautifully furnished. Royal Clipper is a beautiful ship with very good food and tours. It is newer and larger with more people but still small enough so you recognize everyone as you do on the small Star Flyer. I wouldn’t recommend anyone with mobility issues to go on the Clippers as there are no elevators aboard. Star Flyer’s stairs to board is a little shaky and would be rather frightening for a person with mobility issues. We have made some great friends on the Clippers and hope to go again in the future.


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