Silver Spirit Photo Tour

Silver Spirit Photo Tour

Silver Spirit docked in Key West, Florida. Photo © 2010 Aaron Saunders

Ultra-luxury line Silversea built its reputation on providing guests with an exemplary cruise experience at every turn. Small, intimate ships featuring comfortable public areas and uncommonly spacious staterooms mesh well with the line’s dedicated service and cuisine. Did you know that every suite aboard Silversea comes with the service of a butler and stateroom attendant? Their goal is to anticipate your every need; even the ones you haven’t thought of yet.

It’s this kind of service that has made passengers return voyage after voyage. But every good line needs to grow, and Silversea did just that in 2009 when they launched their most ambitious vessel to date: the beautiful Silver Spirit.

The tapered stern of the Silver Spirit, docked in Monte Carlo, Monaco. Photo © 2011 Aaron Saunders

At 642 feet in length, Silver Spirit is also Silversea’s largest ship, capable of carrying 540 lucky guests. But this increase in passengers doesn’t mean a decrease in available space; in fact, you’re more likely to wonder where the other 539 passengers are!

Although we’ve been fortunate to sail twice on this beautiful ship, it occurred to us we’ve never given Silver Spirit the full deck-by-deck Photo Tour treatment she deserves. We even managed to snag pictures of a few different stateroom categories, though there are many more available than we’ve listed here.

So let’s have a look


Deck 4 is home to some of Silver Spirit’s best dining venues, located amidships. It also houses the ship’s small compliment of ocean view staterooms, located all the way forward. In typical Silversea fashion, these are anything but cramped, and represent a great value for budget-conscious travelers and solo cruisers.

The Restaurant

The gorgeous main dining venue aboard Silver Spirit: The Restaurant. Photo © Aaron Saunders

Silver Spirit’s largest dining venue is its main dining room, appropriately called “The Restaurant.” Flanked by large picture windows on either side, this attractive room features light wood paneling, glass partitions, and ample doses of marble. Meals are always open-seating, and guests never have to worry about traditional “Early” and “Late” settings. Just arrive anytime between the posted operating hours, and you’ll always be welcomed.

There are numerous seating options available here, with many of them near the fantastic picture windows. Photo © Aaron Saunders

We also never had an issue being seated, whether we were requesting a table for two or a table for ten.

The food here is excellent, both in quality and presentation. In fact, it’s so good you might have to pry yourself away to try some of Silver Spirit’s alternate dining venues; venues like the two that flank the entrance to The Restaurant.

Le Champagne

The brilliant decor in Le Champagne. Note the extensive wine selection in the center of the room. Photo © 2011 Aaron Saunders

Located just off the entrance to The Restaurant, on the starboard side, is Le Champagne. Anchored by a large octagonal wine cooler, this small, intimate room is a beautiful place to enjoy one of the best meals you may have onboard.

Le Champagne comes with an extra cost, a decision that is still hotly contested on internet message boards. Frankly, we don’t see the complaint for two reasons: one, Silversea offers some great onboard spending credit incentives on most voyages that render the surcharge moot, and secondly, the food and wines you’ll be enjoying are far from average.

Dinner is served! Place settings in Le Champagne aboard the Silver Spirit. Photo © 2011 Aaron Saunders

For $200 per person, guests are treated to a sumptuous, multi-course meal paired with rare and vintage wines. If, like my fiancée, you don’t drink, don’t worry: for the very affordable price of $30 per person, you can still enjoy dinner here, minus the wine pairings. I don’t know about you, but where I live, $30 buys a half-decent meal at a chain restaurant. For the gourmet experience you’ll have here, that price is an absolute bargain.


…I dined in Seishin, located on Deck 4. Photo © 2016 Aaron Saunders

On the opposite side of the entrance to The Restaurant is Seishin, a unique Japanese culinary experience that debuted aboard the Silver Spirit. The room is laid out very much like the adjacent Le Champagne, but with an octagonal preparation counter in the middle, where your chef will prepare some of the fantastic sushi and sashimi you’ll enjoy.

Like Le Champagne, there is a surcharge to dine here, but as I mentioned above, it shouldn’t put you off. For $80 per person, guests can enjoy a sumptuous multi-course meal paired with exquisite varieties of Sake. If you don’t drink or aren’t into Sake, you can still enjoy the offerings here for $30.


Lobby Area & The Bar

The Reception area and adjacent Bar aboard Silver Spirit are wonderful throwbacks to the 1930’s. Photo © 2011 Aaron Saunders

The first thing you’ll see when you step aboard the Silver Spirit is not some multi-story atrium decked out in glass and brass. Instead, you’ll find yourself stepping back in time in the beautifully designed Reception Lobby. Shades of green and blue offset beautiful dark wood accents on desks, support columns and paneling to create an elegant, almost 1930’s quality that is designed to impress you slowly, and over time.

Silver Spirit’s beautifully decorated Reception area. Photo © 2011 Aaron Saunders

The Reception Desk is located here, as are desks for Shore Excursions and the ship’s International Language Ambassador, who is trained to assist guests in the language of their choice; a perfect decision given the multicultural nature of Silversea’s clientele and destinations.

The Art Deco-inspired Bar aboard Silversea’s Silver Spirit. Photo © 2011 Aaron Saunders

Next to the Lobby area is The Bar, a cozy, intimate watering hole done in the same beautiful Art Deco style. In the mornings, fresh pastries, coffee, juices and teas are available here, and by night, it becomes one of the places to enjoy a nightcap and some live music before heading off to your suite. Personally, it’s my second-favorite spot onboard (we’ll come to my favorite spot in a bit!)

Enjoy a refreshing drink and live music nightly in The Bar aboard Silver Spirit! Photo © 2011 Aaron Saunders

The Show Lounge

The entrance to The Show Lounge, all the way aft on Deck 5. Photo © Aaron Saunders

Unlike previous Silversea vessels, the Show Lounge aboard Silver Spirit is a one-story affair. However, it still offers the same great atmosphere: cozy, clubby and vaguely European. By day, this room may be used for guest lecturers and culinary demonstrations. At night, it becomes a venue for Broadway-style shows and production numbers.

The Show Lounge aboard Silver Spirit is an attractive room done in shades of red. Photo © Aaron Saunders
You’ll never have an issue finding a great seat here. Photo © Aaron Saunders


The Spa at Silversea

The entrance to the soothing oasis: the Spa at Silversea. Photo © Aaron Saunders

Located all the way aft on Deck 6 is the soothing Spa at Silversea. The largest Spa and fitness area aboard any Silversea ship, this fantastic space offers guests any number of ways to fully relax.

Almost any type of treatment can be had in The Spa at Silversea. Photo © 2011 Aaron Saunders

There’s a dedicated fitness centre, a proper yoga room, a hair and beauty salon featuring all the usual offerings, and numerous treatment rooms for massages, hot stones, and acupuncture.

The relaxing Spa at Silversea aboard the Silver Spirit. Photo © 2011 Aaron Saunders

But the relaxing smell of lavender carries us to the most impressive addition: the Thermal Suite, with its heated stone loungers, adjacent steam and sauna rooms, and even a Russian ice bath. Enormous picture windows open up to the aft outer deck, where Spa guests can enjoy a relaxing soak in the oversize hot tub or cool off on one of the shaded loungers.

The outdoor whirlpool and relaxation area aft on Deck 6 in The Spa. Photo © 2011 Aaron Saunders

A first aboard any Silversea ship, passes to the Thermal Suite can be purchased on a daily basis, or as a pass for the entire voyage.


Library & Internet Café

The combined Library and Internet Cafe aboard the Silver Spirit offers numerous ways to relax – and catch up. Photo © 2011 Aaron Saunders

Old-world meets modern technology in Silver Spirit’s combination Library and Internet Café. Located on Deck 7, this inviting room contains books on almost every subject (and in almost every language), as well as hosting games, magazines, and several internet stations.

Attractive by day, the Library is also remarkably inviting by night. Photo © 2011 Aaron Saunders

For those who bring their own wireless internet device with them, WiFi can also be accessed in the ship’s public areas and staterooms.

Stars Supper Club

The sun rises on Stars, arguably one of Silver Spirit’s most popular nightspots. Photo © Aaron Saunders

The unquestionable mega-hit introduced aboard Silver Spirit, Stars is usually standing-room only in the evenings, as guests enjoy dinner and drinks accompanied by live jazz music that kicks off late at night. The talent is fantastic, and the astonishing menu is equal to it in every way. Our only complaint: with seating for just 26 people, on popular nights this room could be twice as big and still not pack everyone in. An absolute must-experience.

La Terrazza

The elegant, inviting La Terrazza offers casual breakfast and lunch, and turns into a reservations-only Italian restaurant during the evenings. Photo © Aaron Saunders

Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, La Terrazza is the place to go for casual fare, though that description really doesn’t do this attractive spot justice. Breakfast and lunch can be taken from the buffet of delicacies, or ordered off the menu.

Surrounded by banks of windows, the views here are as breathtaking as the food. Photo © Aaron Saunders

At night, La Terrazza becomes a reservations-only Italian specialty restaurant that carries no additional charge. Silversea makes its own pasta noodles right onboard the ship, and the menu options are delectable.

Our favorite place to sit, though, is outside on the veranda, where guests can enjoy meals in almost any weather conditions.


Looking for space? The nearly 1,500-square foot Grand Suites aboard Silver Spirit have it in spades! Photo © Aaron Saunders

Grand Suites feature a full living room and dining area, complete with a full bar setup. A separate bathroom is provided for visiting guests, clad entirely in marble and cherry wood accents. Off the living room are a spacious bedroom and an enormous walk-in closet. At almost 1,500 square feet, if ever there was a suite that screamed “World Cruise!” it is this.

Off to the right of this vanity area is a full-blown walk-in closet. Photo © Aaron Saunders
Grand Suites boast two separate bathrooms: one for occupants, the other for guests. Photo © Aaron Saunders
The dining area of the Grand Suite. Impressively, the suite is so large we couldn’t get a picture of the entire thing in a single shot! Photo © Aaron Saunders

But the feature that makes me weak in the knees (and makes my credit card issuer smile) is the fabulous wraparound balcony that overlooks the ship’s bow and one entire side of the ship. A bulkhead railing protects you from the worst of the wind, and it’s not a stretch to imagine enjoying a book and a drink as you sail the Caribbean or Mediterranean.

Both Grand Suites have an expansive balcony that overlooks the bow, and wraps around one side of the ship. The best view in the house? We think so. Photo © Aaron Saunders

The partition at the forward end of the balcony can also be opened to allow access to the adjoining suite for families and guests sailing together.

Veranda & Midship Veranda Suites

Silver Spirit’s Veranda & Midship Veranda suites are amazingly comfortable. Photo © 2011 Aaron Saunders

The most common type of accommodation aboard Silver Spirit, these 376-square foot verandah suites are nothing to take for granted. Each has a large living area that can be separated from the sleeping area via pull-back curtains. Two flat panel televisions, cleverly recessed into the vanity mirrors, are also included. Balconies are large enough to support two chairs with footrests and a small table, and the bathroom is uncommonly large and features a full shower and a separate full-size bathtub.

One of two flat-panel televisions inset into the vanity mirrors of the Veranda & Midship Veranda suites aboard Silver Spirit. Photo © 2011 Aaron Saunders

Reed diffusers give the room a pleasant scent and go nicely with the marble, dark cherry wood accents and backlit glass. You even have your choice of a number of brands of toiletries, should you not like the included Bvlgari ones (how could you not?!)

Every suite aboard Silver Spirit comes with the services of a butler and an attendant, both of whom will impress you with their dedication and thoughtfulness. It might be as simple as returning to find your shoes already polished, or your luggage unpacked and hung up. Service is pampering, but never, ever, stuffy or awkward.

Connoisseur’s Corner

The elgant, clubby Connoisseur’s Corner aboard Silver Spirit. Photo © 2011 Aaron Saunders

If you’ve ever looked wistfully at the smoking rooms on the great transatlantic liners, you’ll love the Connoisseur’s Corner aboard Silver Spirit. Comfortable, leather-backed seating and soft mood lighting make this a great, tucked-away spot to enjoy a nightcap or a fine cigar. Impressively, it hardly smells like smoke in here, thanks to a dedicated ventilation system.

Enjoying a fine cognac in the Connoisseur’s Corner aboard Silver Spirit. Photo © Aaron Saunders

Boutiques and Casino

Silver Spirit boasts a number of high-end boutiques tucked away aft on Deck 8, along with a gift shop selling sundries, logo wear, and clothing.

Shops aboard the Silver Spirit are located on the right, with the Connoisseur’s Corner visible on the far left. Photo © Aaron Saunders

But before we give in to temptation and buy that Tissot we’ve been pining for, let’s walk (quickly!) to the Casino.

The Casino aboard Silver Spirit: quietly tucked away aft on Deck 8. Photo © 2011 Aaron Saunders

Perhaps there’s something patrons of the Casino know that I don’t, because every time I walk by there, no one is around. Gambling just doesn’t seem to be a major pastime of Silversea’s guests, and though it was fairly well used on our Mediterranean voyage, it’s nothing like the crowded, round-the-clock gambling that happens on many mainstream ships.

The Gift Shop aboard Silver Spirit, featuring logo-brand items and various sundries. Photo © 2011 Aaron Saunders

One cool point for Silversea: bingo is offered daily, and it’s free! Players compete for points that can be combined with other points-based games, like Trivia, to redeem for prizes at the end of the cruise.


Midship Pool

Silver Spirit’s Pool area, as seen from Deck 10. Photo © Aaron Saunders

The inviting Midship pool contains everything a good pool deck should: a bar, a casual eating area flanked with olive trees and proper tables (with tableside service, no less!) a pool, and two great hot tubs. Looking for a casual snack by the pool? Order the chips, salsa & guacamole; they’re made fresh onboard and they are spectacular.

Take the plunge and enjoy a refreshing dip in Silver Spirit’s pool, located on Deck 9. Photo © Aaron Saunders

The Panorama Lounge

Situated all the way aft on Deck 9 and surrounded by three sides of floor-to-ceiling windows is the Panorama Lounge.

Ample views and relaxing chairs are offered in The Panorama Lounge, located all the way aft on Deck 9. Photo © 2011 Aaron Saunders

By day, events and contests like Trivia are held here, and by night, the sounds of music and dancing beckon guests to linger a while. For early-risers, coffee, juice, pastries and fresh fruit are served up here, or out on the adjacent aft-facing deck space.

Comfortable clamshell-style loungers are located just outside the Panorama Lounge. Photo © 2011 Aaron Saunders

Pull up a comfortable chair or clamshell lounger and enjoy!


Upper Pool Deck & Jogging Track

At the forward end of upper Pool Deck is a covered awning area with tables and chairs. An extension of the poolside grill during the day, this area becomes one of Silversea’s most popular dining options at night: the exquisite Black Rock Grill.

The fantastic Black Rock Dining experience aboard Silver Spirit, served under the stars. Photo © Aaron Saunders

Here’s how it works: you choose from a selection of meats and seafood, and these come fresh to your table for you to cook atop your very own slab of superheated volcanic rock. It’s casual, it’s fun, and it’s popular: so much so that Silversea has plans to roll it out fleetwide.

The after end of this deck turns into a wide, open space, perfect for jogging or getting that perfect photo of the sea.

An early-morning jog around Deck 10 is a great way to start the day. Photo © Aaron Saunders


Silver Suites

There’s no shortage of suite types aboard the Silver Spirit, but arguably one of the best types has be the ship’s Silver Suites. At 742 square feet, these rooms boast a spacious living room and dining area, complete with flat-panel television, minibar, and a full-size table and writing desk.

The separate bedroom in Silver Suite 1106. Photo © Aaron Saunders

With all this space, you might be tempted to take your meals in the comfort of your room, or on your double-wide balcony. Your butler will be happy to arrange it, and he’ll even bring the full dinner setting with him, even serving the meal course-by-course if you so wish.

Silver Suites boast a marble-clad bathroom with separate shower, bathtub, and toilet areas. Photo © Aaron Saunders

A separate bedroom and full walk-in closet are adjacent, and feature sliding doors that can pull shut to separate the living room from your sleeping area. The lighting in these suites is attractive, with plenty of subdued accent lights that can be turned on with the flick of a switch.

The bathroom boasts a separate shower, soaker tub, and toilet area. With all this included, you can be forgiven if you never want to leave your suite at all!

The Observation Lounge

The attractive Observation Lounge is a great spot to relax and watch the ocean go by. Photo © Aaron Saunders

Hidden all the way forward on Deck 11, the Observation Lounge is my favorite public room aboard Silver Spirit. In fact, it might be my favorite public room on any ship I’ve ever sailed on.

Plenty of seating options are available, from cozy tables in front of windows to high-back chairs. Photo © Aaron Saunders

Why? For one, it’s attractive. Blonde wood panelling gives way to comfortable leather chairs and couches. The whole room is wrapped in floor-to-ceiling windows that offer an astonishing view over the ship’s bow. On the starboard side is a bar, stocked with pastries, juices and coffee in the mornings; tea and soda in the afternoon; and any conceivable drink you can think of in the evenings.

On the port side of the ship are several bookcases that hold books on just about every conceivable subject.

Open deck space is available forward of the Observation Lounge, allowing passengers to get a better look at the passing scenery. Photo © Aaron Saunders

If you see something outside you want to get a better look at, you can take the exits that flank both sides of this room and end up on the outdoor observation deck; if you take the port side exit, you can even ascend one deck to stand above the lounge, in the shadow of the ship’s radar mast. It looks like a crew area, but passengers are able to wander as they please, up to the chain that separates the passenger space from the crew space.

More open deck space is available on Deck 12, accessible via the port side exit of the Observation Lounge. Photo © 2011 Aaron Saunders

The other reason this is such a find? There’s almost never anyone here – and that says a lot on Silversea, because you’ll never have an issue finding a seat, anywhere. The combination of the books, the view, and the amenities always kept me coming back.


The skylight overtop of Silver Spirit’s midship staircase, extending from Deck 10 to Deck 4. Photo © 2011 Aaron Saunders

In the end, the Silver Spirit won us over with her comfortable design and elegant interiors; qualities that are only enhanced by the exceptional service and cuisine onboard. We heard lots of positive comments from passengers who had sailed the line’s smaller vessels, only to find a new love in the larger, but no less spacious, Silver Spirit.

The attractive pool area aboard Silver Spirit, facing aft. Photo © 2011 Aaron Saunders