Coral Princess

Coral Princess Ship Review

coral princess ship review
The beautiful Coral Princess. Photo courtesy of Princess Cruises

The lovely Coral and Island Princess are the largest of the midsize ships in the Princess Cruises fleet. Just barely small enough to fit through the locks of the Panama Canal at 91,000 gross tons, they can be deployed on cruises to Alaska, the Caribbean, or anywhere else in the world for that matter.

Not that the Coral Princess is a small ship by any measure. With only a few more passengers than the ships of the Sun Class, there’s plenty of room onboard, which makes the Coral Princess right at home alongside its much bigger cousins.

From the outside, the futuristic-looking Coral Princess bears a passing resemblance to the Diamond and Sapphire Princess; that’s because it also has a jet-engine like decorative element on the funnel—an indication that the Coral Princess also is powered by an environmentally friendly combination of diesel-electric and gas-turbine propulsion systems.

Coral Princess Public Areas

coral princess ship review
The attractive – and bold – Universe Lounge aboard Coral Princess. Photo courtesy of Princess Cruises

Inside, the Coral Princess serves up the most important hallmarks of a Princess ship to live up to the “Big Ship Choice, Small Ship Feel” motto. There’s a nautically appointed Wheelhouse Bar; the Asian/African-inspired Explorer’s Lounge for cabaret-style acts (and doubles as a sports bar); a sloping, single-level theater for full-scale production shows and educational lectures; plus an unusual multipurpose space called the Universe Lounge, which is used for enrichment programs such as computer classes and cooking demonstrations. Also present is Princess Cruises’ signature wedding chapel, a library, card room, cigar lounge, piano bar, internet center, play areas for the kiddies, and last-but-not-least a spacious casino.

Dining & Relaxation aboard Coral Princess

coral princess ship review
Coral Princess boasts an attractive indoor/outdoor pool area. Photo courtesy of Princess Cruises

Traditional and Anytime Dining are accommodated in the ship’s two single-level dining rooms. Two more alternative restaurants include the trademark Sabatini’s Tuscan-inspired trattoria and the New Orleans-themed Bayou Café and Steakhouse. Another signature Princess eatery, the 24-hour Horizon Court, offers a casual setting for buffet service.

Pool areas include the customary main pool amidships and a Balinese theme solarium/spa pool aft, protected from inclement weather by a sliding glass roof. The latter is part of the ship’s Lotus Spa fitness center. Other recreational facilities include a sports court for basketball and volleyball, plus two types of golf: computerized and miniature.

Coral Princess Staterooms

Cabins are a bit bigger than aboard similar ships in the Princess fleet, but with the same basic layout and California-inspired décor of earth tones, off-whites, and light woods. Private cabins abound (a Princess trademark), with 83 percent of the outside cabins offering this popular feature, but the tiered design means that people in cabins above can see down on you.

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  • We went on a cruise throught the Panama Canal, Oct. 11 – 25th on the Coral Princess and we were supposed to be emailed a survey about our trip.  As yet, we have not received it and would very much like to participate in it.
    Judy Schock

  • We love the Coral’s Horizon court for buffet. It is far forward and at sea you can dine and watch the sea birds hovering above the bow and diving to catch fish churned up by the bow wave. We also appreciate the Universe lounge because it allows excellent entertainment to be shown there and also has a dance area. In that regard we feel it has design features superior to some of the other ships.

  • Instead of just using photos supplied by Princess… why don’t you actually bother to sail on the Coral Princess, shoot some of your own photos, and write an extensive review about what makes this ship special? Put a little effort in to it, don’t just recycle content you found on the Internet!


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