Costa Victoria

Costa Victoria Ship Review

Costa’s futuristic Costa Victoria. Look familiar? She should – her general arrangement plans were used to construct NCL’s Norwegian Sky and Sun. Photo courtesy of Costa Cruises

Among the most genuinely European of Costa’s ships, the 75,000-gross-ton Costa Victoria was Costa’s first authentic megaship. Futuristic and streamlined, it has an unusual glass lined and tiered observation deck facing the bow—a design that never was repeated. Public rooms emanate from this, the Concorde Plaza, meant to act as the ship’s main square—like a seagoing Italian piazza. On one end is the wall of windows facing the sea, on the other a four-story-high waterfall unlike anything else at sea. The Concorde Plaza is always a hub of activity: During the day it’s the place for friendly socializing, at night it’s one of the main venues for partying and revelry.

Activities On Costa Victoria

The Winter Garden aboard Costa Victoria, part of the sweeping atrium. Photo courtesy of Costa Cruises

In addition to its forward observation space, the Costa Victoria also ushered in Costa’s first atrium lobby. Called the Planetarium Atrium, this soaring, modern space features glass elevators rising to a glass-domed ceiling. Entertainment venues include a casino for Vegas-style gaming, a ballroom for dancing, a disco for late-night boogying, a main theater for production shows, and some smaller lounges for a variety of cabaret-style acts. Other public areas range from play areas for kiddies to boutiques for shopping, plus an internet center for getting online, and a card room or library for quieter pursuits. There is a fun-filled playroom for kids as well.

A colorfully attractive main pool area includes two swimming pools and a smaller misting pool, flanked by tiers of decking and row upon row of deck chairs. The sunbathing areas are roomy, with plenty of space for sun worshippers. The Pompeii Spa has its own indoor pool and an evocative, Roman-inspired design of mosaic tiles and fluted columns. Facilities here include sauna, steam, Turkish bath, and Jacuzzis.

Dining On Costa Victoria

The Costa Victoria has two main dining rooms serving dinner in two, traditional fixed seatings, plus a reservations-only alternative restaurant for upscale dining. Other, more casual dining options include a pizzeria, a pool grill serving burgers, hot dogs and the like, plus the traditional cruise lido buffet serving hot and cold dishes at breakfast and lunch.

Staterooms On Costa Victoria

A standard Oceanview Stateroom aboard Costa Victoria. Photo courtesy of Costa Cruises

Cabins are on the smaller side, but along with the rest of the ship decidedly modern and European in their design and décor. There are 242 balconies, not a very high number but a welcome addition thanks to a 2004 refit. Appointments in the standard accommodations include decorative fabric panels, stainless steel sinks, and other minimalist-inspired furnishings. For something more spacious, the ship has 14 mini-suites that provide many of the perks and advantages of the ship’s full-size suites, at a less lofty price.

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One Comment

  • We (6 of us ) recently returned off Costa Victoria from Male to ( ended at Dubai) on 8/3/20
    Everyone is paranoid understandably re Corona Virus etc…
    After Shockingly viewing ignorant people NOT sanitising their hands on entering the Dining Room at Night the first night we were on 20/2/20 we complained to the Matre De who was allocating the tables .. to which he replied “ I’m too busy “ !!!!!!
    We were horrified at his reply and stated we’ve been on over 20 cruises for years with various lines and their Staff stand with the sanitizer ( well before all this virus etc)
    And ENSURE ALL is safe from any infection.
    How could he not take this serious !!!!!
    The following evening still the same .. filthy habits of ignorant people putting the ship at risk ..
    We stated to him again after he pulled us up on exiting and we had words with him and said we’re not happy at all and he just didn’t “ get it “ that we didn’t want to be stuck on lockdown on this ship with these peoples dirty habits.
    He said “ I do get it “
    “ I said No you don’t “
    I said if you did you would have staff on the entry doing what’s required to prevent ANY Virus at all on this ship!!!
    However on the next night !!!!!!!
    There was staff doing just that !!!!!
    Exactly how it should be …. but his attitude was uncalled for .
    Meanwhile nearly every time we used the buffet of a day ……
    Again Only a few used the sanitizer on the wall …With all on the news .. how come this was not mandatory on each entry point with staff.
    A woman had a used tissue in her hand and used the serving tongs in the same hand !!!!
    I try to explain but again in Italian .. not understand English she said .. even after me pointing to it and “ throwing in the pretend bin” then washing hands motion ..
    I just don’t get it it’s all over TV what’s going on in the world.
    Amount of people filling their water bottles in the iced water area … at one time I pulled away a bottle from an Italian woman who couldn’t understand English and kept non filling as I’m explained and pointing to the prohibited sign stating so.
    It caused so much friction every time we entered that buffet let me tell you.
    However the staff in buffet immediately reprimanded the woman in her language.
    But how many others done this when they got away with it.
    We couldn’t wait to get the survey on leaving the ship which were still waiting for .
    I’m about to complain to our Health Minister here in Australia about the Cruise Ship Industry Duty of Care /Health to their passengers .
    Things need to change ..
    How about the staff serving from behind the counter.. that way no transmitting any virus and less food wastage too. We’ve seen this done on other cruise lines too.
    We thought Costa was great value for money … The Bar staff on pool deck were the most miserable staff EVER had on cruising for 20 + cruises
    Production Shows. We’re very good..
    Female singer needs to learn how to use her mic .. needs to pull away from big notes with it .
    Not sure if I’d do Costa again
    Pat Pearson


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