Carnival Conquest

Carnival Conquest Cruise Ship Review

Carnival Conquest Cruise Ship Review
Carnival Conquest, the first of six Conquest-Class ships. Photo courtesy of Carnival.

The first of six Conquest-class sister ships, the 110,000-ton 2,974-passenger Carnival Conquest first hit the water in 2002. Similar in design to Carnival’s Destiny-class ships, though longer, the ship offers bright and playful décor that takes its cue from the color palate and painting style of the great Impressionist and post-Impressionist artists, with splashes of sunny yellows and oranges, and vivid blues and greens.

Activities on Carnival Conquest

Carnival Conquest Cruise Ship Review
Take a spin down the winding waterslide aboard Carnival Conquest. Photo courtesy of Carnival.

The glittery nine-deck-high atrium is anchored with a bar and is a great place to meet or people watch. On Conquest, the focal point is a mural collage of works by masters such as Claude Monet, Paul Gauguin, and Edgar Degas, with backlit flowers of Murano glass popping up from the granite-topped bar.

Conquest sports 22 bars and lounges, from a giant disco with a jungle theme and bar stools shaped like lotus flowers, to a sports bar, piano bar and an elegant wood paneled lounge with leather club chairs (and a smoking section). The casino packs in almost 300 slot machines and about two dozen gaming tables, and the three-level theater is the venue for pull-out-the-stops Vegas-style song and dance productions accompanied by live orchestras.

Dining on Carnival Conquest

Carnival Conquest Cruise Ship Review
Carnival offers plenty of dining options designed to suit every taste. Photo courtesy of Carnival.

The pair of two-story main restaurants includes the Monet Restaurant, where a large Murano glass sunflower greets guests at the entrance. An intimate and elegant extra-cost steakhouse serves USDA prime aged steaks and seafood for a mostly adult clientele looking for a more upscale experience. Meals are also served in the two-story lido buffet, where you’ll find separate stations for Asian and American dishes, deli sandwiches, salads, pizza, burgers and more.

Family Friendly Carnival Conquest

The four swimming pools include the main pool flanked by a pair of huge hot tubs, a stage for live (and really loud) music, and a giant movie screen for videos and ship events. A 3-deck-high spiral water slide takes thrill-seekers on a 214-foot-long ride.

The 4,200 square-foot Children’s World playroom has an arts-and-crafts station, video wall, computer lab, PlayStation games, and lots of toys for younger children. Hard-to-please tweens have their own separate space and so do teens, theirs with a soda bar and dance floor flowing into a huge video game arcade with air-hockey tables which is open to all passengers. Kid of all ages can have a zap-fest in the inflatable laser tag arena.

The oceanview gym is stocked with the latest exercise machines, while the Cloud 9 Spa measures 21,000 square feet and boasts 17 treatment rooms, plus an elaborate thermal suite and thalassotherapy pool.

Staterooms on Carnival Conquest

As big on cabins as it is on fun, Conquest offers standard outsides that measure a roomy 185 to 220 square feet. The amenities include stocked, pay-as-you-go minifridges, robes to use, and super comfy mattresses and bedding.

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  • the piano bar pianist and singer was really great. it was worth the cost of the trip to listen to her play. I wasn’t expecting such great talent. the food was also pretty good.

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    1) My room steward would not quit coming into my room. Jose would knock and then immediately use his card to come in. It seemed he was definitely hoping to see something.

    2) The food was awful.

    3) service was lousy.


    4) I decide to escape everyone and all my stress at home and travel solo. I get a beautiful balcony room, or at least I thought it would be. I put my things down, put on my bathing suit, and went to the whirlpool. This was all just after the safety briefing in the very beginning of the cruise.

    5) Two very aged people, let’s call them antiquated, were in the whirlpool. One was a drunken old one and her husband, a dirty old man making passes at me (he was old enough to be my great grandfather)

    6) Jealous “grandma” decides to hurt me by telling the bartender I told her I was going to kill myself!! 1,000,000% absurdity!

    7) Security immediately rushed me out of the whirlpool and locks me in my room with the security guard sitting at the foot of my bed and my balcony door locked so that I cannot “jump”. For 18 hours the security guard sits in the room with me until I’m finally escorted to medical.

    8) They insist I should be assessed for a fee of $125. Dr. Allah (sp?) who seems to have a very Dutch accent insisted I pay. I blatantly refused because this was the most ridiculous situation I had ever been in in my life. Angrily, she says she’ll waive the fee but I have to sign paperwork or I cannot return to the ship. I signed the paperwork “blackmail”. I ask if I can record the conversation so that her notes match what she actually says. She refuses and says there are chaperones in the room with us… I said yes but they work for carnival. If your intentions are good you will allow me to record our conversation. She still refused.

    9) Finally the chief of staff comes in and security escorts me out and back to my room. For the first time since I boarded the ship in almost 24 hours they unlock the door and leave the room so I can rest. Just before I fall asleep I call guest services and I ask if I can please be put on a different ship at the next port. The guest services lady was very polite and said she would see what she could do.

    10) I don’t know how much time passes, but not very much because I was in a deep sleep. I wake up to several people in my room. They said you want to leave carnival? We know where we can take you. They pulled the covers off of me, opened my safe, and all of my contents were dumped into a suitcase.

    11) I was then escorted off the ship in Cozumel to a very scary motel. I’m accustomed to resorts which are beautiful in Mexico. This was not one of them. I am then told I will be flown home the next morning. They book a ticket for the WRONG port five hours away from the port where my car is at and I embarked on the ship.

    12) I am not given my airline ticket until the man who drove me to the airport handed it to me get in the car and drive away. United airlines basically said too bad too sad, there will be a $200 transfer fee plus another fee of some sort.

    Have you ever been so angry that you just didn’t know what to do and stood there with your jaw on the ground in complete disbelief that you were even in the situation??

    Since the service was so “great” on carnival conquest, I made sure to get the name so I can give them lots of credit in my reviews:

    Supervisor assistant chief security is named Laney. He is the one that made the decision to lock me up for 18 hours in my bedroom because I might injure myself since I “told the old lady I wanted to kill myself”. Idiots!

    Elza was a security guard that was forced to sit in my room for all those hours until her shift change at 6 AM. I have nothing bad to say about her. She was nice to me and stuck having to do this job.

    Navi was the next security guard to stay with me until 11 AM when I was taken to medical to be psychologically assessed. She was OK. Nothing good or bad to say about her… She was just stuck with her job.

    I will never, ever trust Carnival again. Yes, these numbskulls were running the Carnival Conquest, but I never got to visit any port and any fool that’s going to believe a drunken old lady just like that and ruin my entire vacation that cost $2000 that they are refusing to reimburse me for, is a business I never want to see again.

    I intend to file a lawsuit.


    The Carnival Conquest cruise was the worst experience of my life. This cruise was a nightmare and the customer service on the cruise ship and off was even worse. This was my second cruise,
    my first and last with Carnival.

    On the 4th day of our cruise, I paid $14 for a lobster BLT from the ‘Seafood Corner’. I was with
    fiancé, who does not eat fish so I was the only one who had the sandwich. Not
    to mention newly engaged, he proposed a few days before we left on the cruise
    when we arrived on vacation in Fort Lauderdale. So the cruise was kind of a
    celebration, one that took a terrible turn. But back to the ‘Seafood Corner’.
    It took surprisingly long, especially since no one else was waiting for food.
    We were the only ones there. I ate the sandwich and fries and we went about our
    way to lay back out at the pool. The sun goes down and we went back to the room
    to get ready for dinner.

    While getting ready I became deathly sick: propel vomiting, shaking and sweating, lying in bed crying (when I wasn’t running to the bathroom to throw up). It was so bad my fiancé just sat
    out on the balcony for hours because he didn’t want to keep hearing me puke.
    This went on for 4 hours. I have never been so sick in my life.

    Once I gained enough strength and now furious that we missed dinner and all of the shows (this was the evening with the big shows that I was so looking forward to), I went down stairs to
    guest services to tell my story. Mid story about my food poising, ‘Serena’ corrects
    me and says ‘you mean ALLEGED food poisoning’. I lost it, after being sick for
    4 hours only eating the food Carnival is giving me she is going to state either
    I’m lying or I just randomly became sick? If I did randomly become sick it was
    more likely of uncleanliness from the old cruise ship that I was on or it was
    food poisoning. And I know some might go to sun poisoning, but I am Italian and
    already have a very dark complexion and wasn’t near sun burnt (nor were we out
    in the sun all day), so sun poisoning was not the cause.

    So then Serena says first I need to call for medical, so she calls and I speak with them. They tell me that if I need medical it will be $250 to see a doctor because they were closed (I
    finished puking at 9pm), in addition to any tests and medicines being billed
    out of pocket. I almost laughed and said that I no longer needed medical; I
    threw up and was no fine. Anything that poisoned me is now out and the damage
    is already done. So I give the phone back to Serena and told her what they told
    me. She then tells me that since I ‘denied medical’ there is nothing else she
    can do for me.

    At this point you can imagine how upset I am becoming. All this girl had to say was ‘I am so sorry your sick, let me look into the food for you’. I mean she didn’t even have to admit guilt, but
    her showing some kind of sympathy would have been nice. I mean I don’t know how
    some doesn’t feel bad for someone claiming to be this sick, (I physically
    looked terrible) at least just on just a human level. It was just like I was an
    inconvenience to her. Now not only am I upset about being food poisoned but
    also how I am being treated. So I explain all of these points. I even told her
    that she could stop repeating the prewritten lines she memorized, that’s how
    inhuman this woman was. She then says that the best she can do is make a report
    to look into the food. She said she would send up the paperwork so I could file
    everything out and get a copy of the report and the contact information for
    corporate once I get back from the cruise. Even though I wasn’t happy with this
    outcome since I saw it as just more work and inconvenience on my part for an
    injustice outside of my control, it was the only response I could get out of

    Day 5 comes and no paperwork. Late that night we received a voicemail in our room after we came back from dinner/shows late asking for Sal, my fiancé, to call the dinning manager back.
    The message was to make sure that Sal was feeling better. Nice right? After all
    that, no one could even get my name right. Not to mention a female was standing
    right in front of the women who made the report. Nonetheless, it was late, so I
    decided I would call back in the morning.

    Day 6 comes and I called dinning back. I told them I was returning the message from the dinning manager, gave them our room and contact information and was told he would call me back. We went about our day, came back to the room and we received a new room voicemail from Room
    Service/Hospitality checking in again on Sal to make sure that he was feeling
    okay and asking him to call him back so he could stop by our room. We also
    received 4 chocolate covered strawberries left at our door from this manager.
    Out of everyone I talked to, he was probably the nicest but still not very helpful.
    He arrives at the room and I tell him my story. When I told him that I was told
    there was nothing that could be done since I denied medical because I denied
    paying $250.00 to see a doctor after the fact, he even gave me a face
    (shocked). He kept apologizing and he told me he was taking off the lobster
    BLT: a whole $14 charge. I told him at that point, I had no intention on paying
    for the food that made me sick but thanked him anyways. He basically said there
    was nothing else he could do, but to tell the manager of the dinning hall we
    were assigned to and maybe he could do something at dinner.

    So we go to dinner, within a few
    minutes of sitting, the dinning manager comes over to check on Sal. I almost
    feel over, I said I was the one who was sick and that it just shows how bad the
    service here is that no one can even get the story right. At this point, every
    ‘manager’ that I am talking to is just making it worse and me more irritable
    and enjoying less and less of the whole vacation experience. The manager then
    states that I never called him back, almost like he was trying to make two
    wrongs make a right. I told him I did call him back, that maybe he should find
    more competent employees to relay messages. He apologies for everything and
    offers me a glass of wine. I declined, as I wasn’t drinking since I had to pack
    for deportation that evening and leave early in the morning. He says sorry and
    that he hopes we enjoy dinner. I enjoyed my dinner even more frustrated than I

    The next morning, on day 7 (deportation
    day), I return to guest services since I never received my report or the
    contact information for corporate. Serena failed me yet again. A ‘Samuel’ looks
    into my report for about 30 minutes before he gives me the card for Carnivals
    ‘Guest Care Department’ and says he updated the notes. I asked for a copy of
    the report or a number so I could have it for when I call. He tells me that
    there isn’t a number or a copy he can give me, that when I call they will be
    able to look it up. I still insisted I have at least something, because I
    wasn’t going to start all over after this already terrible experience. We argue
    about another 10 minutes, and I complain more. He says he will be back, after
    another 10 minutes he gives me a letter and signs it. I take the letter and
    leave upset yet again, not even reading it. I just wanted to get off of that
    terrible ship and continue my vacation.

    Once I return from the trip, I read
    the letter to find this: “We apologize for the inconvenience regarding your
    onboard issues with the liquor and beverage policy involving your two bottle of
    wine”. I then had the contact information for Carnival and my case reference
    number. I almost fell over. After days of complaining and being treated
    terribly, I had a letter about wine and Carnival still concerned about Sal (as
    that was still what corporate asked me, if Sal was okay)! I talk to the first
    lad from Guest Care and I have to tell the whole story over again, meanwhile
    waiting for her to ‘update her notes’. I even had to get a new case number
    under my name and not Sal’s and in a different category since it didn’t involve
    their wine policy. 30 more minutes wasted. She then tells me she will update
    the case and have someone call me back once the results on the food
    investigation have been conducted. This is now almost two weeks after my
    cruise. I insisted something be done now; I was done with this aggravation and
    mistreatment. She said she would she if something could be done and has to talk
    to her manager for confirmation. At this point, it sounded like some kind of
    justice would be had. 25 minutes more of a wait and she comes on to tell me
    there is nothing she can do. So I request I talk to her manager. I tell the
    story again (30 minutes) and express how I now have a food complaint and a
    customer service issue and she tells me again emotionless now that I am off of
    the cruise that there is nothing she can do. The best that could be done is for
    them to send a care package with wine to the room on my next cruise. I said I
    would NEVER cruise with Carnival again, that if that was the case they should
    have sent that on the horrible cruise I was just on. She said they should have
    done that but since they didn’t that there was nothing she could do. Funny how
    no one could do anything. When I was on the ship I was told only corporate
    could help me. At corporate I was told only the ship could help me. I was at
    there mercy believing them, only to be lied to and violated. I told her that I
    would be writing my disgust in a review anywhere I could post about Carnival
    and she said that was my right to do so. So I am utilizing that right.

    I normally don’t do things like this, but after
    everything I went to and how small I was made to feel, I think it is necessary.
    I was supposed to be celebrating my engagement and the whole trip I was
    aggravated and made to feel insignificant. I work hard for my money and treat
    my clients like how I would like to be treated. So how I was treated really
    upsets me. I don’t believe anyone should be treated like that, no matter how
    big of a company you are. All they had to do was just say ‘I’m so sorry your
    sick’, maybe give me a bottle of wine (I mean Barefoot is $12 in normal
    stores!) or maybe a credit to the casino (you know they would have made that
    back). I mean just something to show a courtesy or some human sympathy. But no,
    nothing, but lies, frustration and wasted time. All I can say is never again!

  • I was disappointed with my cruise with Carnival on the Conquest. Our first stop was at Princessc Cay and the tendons in my knee flared up when I was swimming in the ocean. That night I couldn’t walk. I asked if I could borrow a wheelchair to go to the dinner and they said that I would have to rent one for the remainder of the cruise or per day. The rental for the entire cruise was $137 dollars or $50 dollars a day. I asked them how Walmart or Target allows you to borrow their wheelchair that is motorized while you shop, but a cruise line wouldn’t even allow you to borrow one to go to dinner. I told them I would not cruise with them anymore, that I paid enough money for the cruise for them not to let me borrow a wheelchair. After that they continuously called my cabin everyday to try to rectify the matter and to smooth over my resentment. One of the calls that I answered they told me that I could call room service and room service could take me to the dinner and then take me back to my room. That really upset me because they didn’t tell me that until after they knew I wasn’t going to rent a wheelchair. I ended up calling room service and doing that two times because I didn’t want to stay in my room for the entire trip like I was being forced to do. I didn’t want to spend any more money by renting a wheelchair that I thought I should be able to borrow. I called for room service in the morning to go to the breakfast and the room service person put the wheelchair to the side while I was eating. When we were done eating my husband just went and got the chair and took me back to my room. I called room service to tell them the chair was outside of the room. They left the chair outside of the room and didn’t come and get it. It’s sat out there for a couple of hours. My husband asked me if I wanted to look around the ship because I really didn’t get to see very much because my knee hurt after the first port. We went in this wheelchair that was oversized and wide an saw that being handicapped is terrible on this Carnival ship. The buffet is not at the level for you to reach any of the food like a normal buffet is at a restaurant. I wasn’t able to reach anything and my husband had to prepare my plate since we decided to get a bite there instead of going to the dining room. As we went through the ship on the lido deck where the tables are, we noticed we had to go around like it was a maze because there was so much in the way of the wheelchair. There was not a straight path for anybody that is handicapped to navigate through. Where they had the sushi bar on the side and also the deli sandwiches that were also on the side they had roped off lanes so people could stay in line. Well doing that didn’t allow much room for a wheelchair to go through and we had to turn around and go another way. On the third floor where the guest services are you cannot hardly get the wheelchair through because of the support poles in one section. My husband pushed the wheelchair and lifted it so we could get through to the other side. It was ridiculous. It is not handicap friendly at all. Don’t even try to get into any of the shops with a wheelchair because you will not fit. The wheelchairs that they have are overly wide. All of them were, which made it hard to maneuver yourself. I had a hard time so my husband had to push me. After we went through the ship with the chair we ended up putting it outside of my room again and leaving it there. They never did come and get the chair. It was like they left it there so I could use it and not complain. I was happy that they did do that but I was still disappointed in how I was treated. Carnival is not compassionate to injured or handicapped people. I will not cruise with them again. This was my fourth cruise with them and the last cruise I took was in 2012. I have found in 2019 a lot of changes in the food and the prices. The food is a hit or a miss. Some of the food was excellent, and some of the food was absolutely horrible. There wasn’t too much in between, it was either good or it was bad. I was not thrilled with this cruise and it wasn’t just because my knee was hurting. Our Steward was very nice I have to say. He at least showed that he cared that I was hurting. He brought me ice packs up every night which I really appreciated. Carnival has changed and not for the better. 🙁


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