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  • My dream is to work on a cruiser ship and i am 10 years old would u have the time to answer a couple of questions
    1. What exsperiances would u exspect a worker to have
    2. How much money would u get payed a week to be a bar tender from 12:00am till 9:oopm
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    We are a couple from india .. we would like to do small ship cruise in greenland . we want to see iceberg and glaciers. kindly suggest when is the best time to visit and which line should we take and which itenery .
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  • We are considering taking the Harmony V next May through the Greek Isles. I have read the reviews and they are very mixed. The majority say its a terrible not very well kept up ship. Odyssey’s bills it as a luxury yacht. Please comment.

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  • Princess Cruises is in the process of defrauding tens of thousands of customers with its Crown Princess 2022 Alaska Inside Passage destination and it is not the first time it has done so. Please warn people about this Company.

    In January, 2020, one of the engine on their Crown Princess ship broke down prior to the Alaska season. Although they knew that they would be unable to deliver their original itineraries with one less engine, they continued to sell cruises to customers – who were misled about the condition of the ship. AFTER the deadline for getting a refund passed, they informed the passengers that they would not be getting the trip they were promised and they would not be given a full refund if they cancelled. No reputable business would operate this way. Most people save a long time for an Alaska vacation and invest a lot on money for things like airline tickets, hotels and excursions in addition to the hefty cruise fare and it is not right.

    The Crown Princess was taken out of service in March 2020. In October, 2021, the Company announced that it would resume service for the Crown Princess in February, 2022. In November, 2021, the Company announced that its planned February, March and April sailings for the Crown Princess were cancelled and passengers were offered a full refund. No reason was given but, in retrospect it appears that the engines were not repaired during the ships two years in drydock.

    In May, the Company decided to resume operations of the Crown Princess. It quickly became apparent that the ships’ engines had not been repaired. The Company did not offer passengers refunds for cruises previously booked for May 2022 onward and did not let passengers know that the ship has serious operational problems and is unable to deliver the itineraries that they were promised. Instead, the Company waited until the deadline for receiving full refunds expired, and then informed passengers that they would not be getting the cruises that they paid for and would not be getting full refunds if they cancelled. This is a multimillion dollar scam to defraud their customers. Company management continues to use a deceptive marketing scheme to sell their Alaska cruise to thousands of customers though the 2022 summer season and will not repair their defective engine until Fall 2022.

    When we initially purchased our cruise in February 2022, the marketing material promised an itinerary that would include lengthy stops in Juneau, Ketchikan and Skagway. We had no knowledge at that regarding the longstanding engine problems of the ship. In April – after our ability to obtain a full refund under Princess refund policy expired – Princess sent us an email telling us that, due to “scheduled maintenance” we would be stopping at Icy Straits instead of Ketchikan (for 2 less hours on land) and we would be spending two less hours in Juneau. Just one week before our sail date, we received a second email telling us that due to “mechanical problems” the ship would be moving even slower and we would now no longer be stopping at Icy Straits and would be spending two less hours at Juneau. Since this was to be both a 10th wedding anniversary cruise and a celebration of my sister’s 80th birthday, we did not want to miss these once-in-a—lifetime ports – and never intended to take a cruise that would we leave us with the so little time on land. We were really excited about this cruise and had spent many hours planning it, purchasing three flights from Charlotte to Seattle, a hotel stay in Seattle, and four expensive 3rd party Alaska excursions. We called Princess’ Customer Service at the end of May and were told it was too late to receive a full refund but that they could re-schedule our cruise from June 4th to July 16, 2022 with the expectation that the engine problems of the Crown Princess would be fixed by then. On June 17, 2022, we received an email regarding our new booking, telling us that, due to “technical restrictions affecting the ship’s maximum speed”, the itinerary will change again so that we will spend two less hours in Juneau.

    We booked our original trip and our re-scheduled trip in good faith that Princess believed it would be able to meet its promised itinerary. We have subsequently learned that Princess has been aware of significant engine problems with the Crown Princess since late 2019 and that there has been no real intention to correct these problems until the ship is taken offline in October 2022. While the Company’s “ Passage Contract” was written to provide very little recourse to passengers for required itinerary changes while the ship is underway, it Is clear that Princess knew that it would not be able to deliver its promised itinerary prior to marketing it to us and accepting our payment. It is understandable when a cruise itinerary changes due to unforeseeable operational or environmental problems that occur once a ship has set sail. However, when a company decides to take thousands of dollars from customers based on a deliberate deception as to the service that will be provided, this is FRAUD.

    We called the Princess customer service line on June 20, 2022 and requested a full refund. The Company representative processed the cancellation and charged us a $1,824 cancellation a fee – a $1,824 cancellation fee. This is clearly outrageous. We had to spend hours on the phone also cancelling our flights, our hotel, and our four excursions. We called Princess Customer Service again and waited for three full hours before a representative answered the phone. It is clear that we deserve a FULL refund and so do the many other defrauded customers.

    • That is OUTRAGEOUS. There should be a class action suit against the cruise line. I hope that many travel agents see this fraud and steer their clients away from Princess cruises. Gee, I cancelled a trip on Viking due to my fear about COVID and they gave me the choice of $200/pp cancellation fee or my entire payment toward another cruise to be booked in two years and taken before 4 years from my cancellation notification. Oceania gives a full refund PLUS 25% if they cancel a cruise.


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