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  • My dream is to work on a cruiser ship and i am 10 years old would u have the time to answer a couple of questions
    1. What exsperiances would u exspect a worker to have
    2. How much money would u get payed a week to be a bar tender from 12:00am till 9:oopm
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  • in celluloid we trust
                                                                Werner Herzog


  • hi
    We are a couple from india .. we would like to do small ship cruise in greenland . we want to see iceberg and glaciers. kindly suggest when is the best time to visit and which line should we take and which itenery .
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  • We are considering taking the Harmony V next May through the Greek Isles. I have read the reviews and they are very mixed. The majority say its a terrible not very well kept up ship. Odyssey’s bills it as a luxury yacht. Please comment.

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