Our Readers Respond To, Is This The End Of Cruising As We Know It?

Not long after pressing the “publish” button for Is This The End Of Cruising As We Know It?, I received several comments from our readers. Some offered words of encouragement; others, words of caution. Let’s start with the words of caution from T.J. and Sherry.

Is This The End Of Cruising As We Know It?

If you’re waiting for the end of Covid-19 before you resume cruising, I have bad news for you: According to experts coronavirus is not going to end anytime soon. Is there a way we can enjoy the “new normal” of river cruising? Here’s my story.

Is Viking Orion The Safest Ship At Sea?

After almost a year and a half without stepping foot on a ship, I was invited on an ocean cruise. I emphasize ocean because I have had the privilege of taking four cruises, both river and ocean, within the span of just over two months. The first cruise that I took this year was a river cruise. The return to river cruising did not seem nearly as daunting as the return to ocean cruising did. When I got the invite from a river cruise company I automatically said yes, but when it came to ocean cruises I was a bit more hesitant. My main concern? My safety.

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Webinar: Our Experiences On Four Different Ships

We’ve just returned from a series of cruises: AmaWaterways on the Rhine, Viking Ocean Cruises in Bermuda, Crystal River Cruises on the Rhine & Moselle, and Avalon Waterways on the Rhone. Join us as we answer all your questions about cruising today. We’ll cover a wide range of topics from providing tips about getting the best value to discussing the daily differences of life on board. Registration required.

Silversea’s Silver Moon Sets Sail

Delayed for months by the never-ending pandemic, Silversea’s magnificent new vessel, Silver Moon finally welcomed her first passengers this Spring. Silver Moon began a series of cruises beginning and ending in Athens. And each and every one of them showcased what’s on board this wonderful ship.

Lindblad Expeditions Will Return To Iceland In July

Lindblad Expeditions has announced it will be reactivating National Geographic Explorer for a series of voyages in Iceland this summer. Plans call for the 148-guest polar vessel to explore the mythical land of the midnight sun on two alternating itineraries, Wild Island Escape and The Circumnavigation of Iceland.

Silversea’s July Alaska & Iceland Sailings

Silversea Cruises has announced new summer voyages in Alaska and Iceland, starting in July 2021. With the passage of the U.S. Alaska Tourism Restoration Act, which enables cruises to Alaska without required stops in Canada, Silver Muse will resume round-trip sailings from Seattle starting July 29. Silver Shadow will circumnavigate Iceland with the launch of new all-Icelandic itineraries, returning to Northern Europe with three 10-day voyages from Reykjavik, beginning July 30.

Cruising Is Back: How To Insure You & Your Trip

While I now feel safe to travel to Europe (and other destinations again), two questions remain: How can I protect my travel investment from expenses I may incur should I cancel my trip? And what happens should I become ill – or test positive for Covid-19 – while abroad? The latter, as you probably know, requires quarantining for a number of days.

Uh ‘O Canada’

On Thursday, the U.S. House of Representatives passed the Alaska Tourism Recovery Act. You know that means, eh? It provides for an exemption to the Passenger Vessel Services Act.