If you landed on this page, you’re probably looking for Captain Albert Schoonderbeek’s blog. Captain Albert’s blog started here on Avid Cruiser but has since been transferred to Holland America Line. You can find Captain Albert’s Blog here.

Before you leave, however, take a look at this great post the Captain wrote for Avid Cruiser: The Caribbean With The Captain.

Captain Albert Schoonderbeek

Ever wondered what it would be like mastering one of those big cruise ships? If so, follow Captain Albert Schoonderbeek during a 14-day Caribbean cruise on board Holland America Line’s Veendam. Captain Schoonderbeek keeps his thoughts away from such pleasantries as beaches, shopping and relaxing, and instead keeps an eye on the ship, the schedule and weather forecasts. Following are excerpts from the Captain’s own blog, logged each day he is on duty. For the full story, click The Caribbean With The Captain.


  • I can’t believe this even a captain has a blog like this one, It really makes me inspired in starting a blog:) Thanks a lot.

  • Hahaha… Anyone has right to create blogs. I think Mr.Albert just want to share his experiences and future experience on hie ship. Looking forward to know your ventures Mr. Captain. 


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