New E-Book: My Six Favorite River Cruises Of 2015

I've put together a new ebook featuring my Six Favorite River Cruises Of 2015. Typically, I give away everything on my two sites, Avid Cruiser & River Cruise Advisor, but this time I am wondering, Is my work worth 50 cents an hour to you?

Putting together the ebook took me about a dozen hours. At 50 cents per hour, that's six bucks. It's not much considering the time and energy that went into producing the book.

Another way to look at it: At $5.99, that's about a buck per cruise featured in this 28-page ebook.

So what do you think? Want to scroll down and push the "Buy Button?" If so, thank you.

I hope you enjoy my Six Favorite River Cruises Of 2015.

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