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Viking Star, Two Ways

We've got lots of Viking Star coverage, from my own series of reports on a Barcelona to Lisbon sailing, including a firsthand video look at what makes this new ship so exciting, to Aaron Saunders coverage from London to Bergen, including the christening events. 

Here are the links to reports from my sailing. Aaron's reports follow below.

Happy sailing, Ralph Grizzle

• Day 1: Boarding in Barcelona; a Tour with Tor

• Day 2: Departing Barcelona; Understated Elegance - for less than Oceania

• Day 3: Cartagena, Spain, Has Viking Created a New Category of Ocean Cruiser

• Day 4: A Peek Inside My Penthouse aboard Viking Star

• Day 5: Avid Cruiser's Viking Star Introduction Video

• Day 6: Lisbon, Portugal; End of a Journey; Summing Up Viking Star

Viking Star Christening Voyage, Day 1: Embarkation in London

Viking Star Will Change The Way You Think Of Cruises Aaron Saunders, Live Voyage Reports Tuesday, May 12, 2105 Viking Cruises first-ever oceangoing cruise ship, the 930-guest Viking Star, is a stunning antidote to the homogeneousness that seems to infect a certain portion of the industry. In an age where most mainstream cruise ships look and even feel more similar …

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Viking Star Christening Voyage, Day 2: At Sea

Viking Star Sets Sail for Bergen Aaron Saunders, Live Voyage Reports Wednesday, May 13, 2015 Viking Cruises Viking Star rumbled to life shortly before nine o’clock this morning, moving so silently away from our floating dock on the River Thames that I barely noticed our departure as I washed down the last of my breakfast with a cup of fresh-brewed …

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Viking Star Christening Voyage, Day 3: Sailing the North Sea

Cruising the North Sea with Viking Viking Cruises Viking Star was greeted by cold temperatures and grey skies for the first time on our journey so far. Still, at 7:00a.m., I braved the wind and the chill and went for a two-mile walk around the Promenade Deck on Deck 2 – and I wasn’t alone. Other guests were also using …

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Prelude To A Viking Christening

Prelude to a Viking Christening Aaron Saunders, Live Voyage Reports Saturday, May 17, 2015 The excitement in the air is almost overwhelming here in Bergen, Norway, and it was noticeable even before I stepped out of the Radisson Blu Royal Hotel Bergen this morning. Not only is it Norwegian Constitution Day here in Norway, but we’re just hours away from …

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