Boarding The Nordic Inspired Viking Star, A Tour With Tor


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On May 8, I head to Germany to board Uniworld's S.S. Maria Theresa to see how she measures up to the all-inclusive luxury river cruiser Scenic Jasper. — Ralph Grizzle

Day 1, Barcelona: Boarding The Nordic Inspired Viking Star, A Tour With Tor

 If you've been itching to travel to the Nordics (or longing to return), look no further than Viking Star. The new ocean cruiser is a tribute to ancient Viking heritage and to contemporary Nordic culture.

Shortly after embarking on Saturday, I toured the 930-guest vessel with Viking Ocean Cruises Chairman Torstein Hagen. As we walked through the main areas of the ship, I felt as though I were back in Scandinavia. I brushed against (faux) birch bark, admired a colorful carpet of lichen, stepped into a Swedish-branded spa operated by Stockholm's LivNordic, and dug my fork into Norwegian waffles topped with berries and sour cream — just as I have done many times back in the south of Sweden.

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old fortress corfu

It wasn't the Greeks but the Venetians who built the Old Fortress. The historian Will Durant claimed that thanks to the Republic of Venice, Corfu was one of the few parts of Greece never conquered by the Ottomans. The Old Fortress was built in 1546 on the site of a Byzantine castle and is separated from the rest of Corfu's …

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greek salad corfu

I told you about the best baklava that I have ever tasted. Turns out, the guy also served us the best Greek salad we've ever had. The calamari was top rank too. The place? Café Espianada, on the promenade by the same name. We washed it all down with a local Greek beer, and a popular one, Mythos. Recommended for a break when …

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corfu baklava

In an earlier post, I wrote that in Corfu's Old City I found the best baklava that I have ever tasted. Where? Café Espianada, on the promenade by the same name. Prices were good as were those two giant beers in the photo below. The owner who used to live, and operate a restaurant, in the United States, was friendly …

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Istanbul - Where East Meets West

A cruise to Istanbul is for many travelers their first introduction to a part of the Islamic world. Turkey is officially a secular republic that is closely tied culturally and politically to Europe. This is a country where facets of European and Islamic culture blend together, especially in Istanbul. The city serves as a bridge between the European and Middle …

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7 Days Of All-Inclusive Barging, Plus Three Hotel Nights & Tours, $3,995 Per Person

Ready to go barging with our group of intrepid travelers? We have a great trip planned — a really great trip — and at a great price, $3,995 per person, double occupancy.

You'll need to contact me directly to get this price, and it's easiest to do so by using this link

Here's what is included:

• Six nights/Seven days of all-inclusive barging from Arles to Sete*

• Tours included everyday of the barge trip.

• PLUS two pre-hotel nights in a five-star hotel in Arles, including breakfast**

• PLUS one post-hotel night in a four-star hotel in Montpelier, including breakfast**

• PLUS three additional exclusive tours: Avignon, Pont du Gard & Chateauneuf du Pape, Sete Gourmet Markets Tour & Montpelier Tour

• For only $3,995  per person

* Transfers to Arles at the beginning of the trip and from Montpelier at the end of the trip are not included ** Note that a few lunches and dinners are not included for the pre/post days

I believe this trip offers an exceptional value. Barge trips nearly always start at more than $4,000 per person. And those are the beginning prices for the barge portion only. We're adding three extra nights at four- and five-star hotels, plus we're also adding special tours. All for $3,995 per person. CroisiEurope's price for the barge cruise alone is $2,824.

You'll find all of the details of the trip here.

Please let me know as soon as possible if you'd like to book space by contacting me through the form at this link.

I'm excited about taking you along and showing you some of my favorite places in one of my favorite regions of the world - and via a mode of travel that I think you'll find particularly appealing, barging.

Bon voyage, Ralph Grizzle

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