Will European Travel Have To Wait Until Fall – Or Later?

Last week, we published our survey results in which we asked our readers if they would be comfortable traveling to Europe this summer. Though the European Union is currently ironing out a way to open in time for summer travel, it seems that most of our readers aren’t quite ready to cross the Atlantic.

In our survey, 48 percent of readers said they would consider traveling to Europe this summer, but most say that their European travel plans have been put on hold until 2022. It seems that the biggest reason for this lack of plans is not that our readers don’t want to travel to Europe, but that their summer cruises have been canceled.

“Two cruises booked for 2021 summer and both have been cancelled. Will not commit to a future cruise until the uncertainty of cruising is more normal.”

“Have a land tour in the US booked for September as my planned cruise was canceled by Viking.”

“Had four cruises canceled in July and September…”

Vaccines definitely play a part in most of our reader’s comfort levels, with 69 percent of both ocean and river cruisers saying that the vaccine requirement would make them more inclined to travel. Still, there is hesitancy to travel to Europe, even for those who have been vaccinated.

“For me to go to Europe this summer I would like to see more Europeans vaccinated and the borders only open to those that have been vaccinated.”

“Would love to be going somewhere but even though I’m vaccinated I will probably wait until 2022 to take a chance on overseas travel. Still too many unvaccinated people to contend with.”

“We will probably rent a cabin again in the mountains where we can still be safe. We are vaccinated but not everyone else is…”

“The global pandemic is a concern. I canceled my trip with AMA Waterways last year and rebooked for 2021. Due to the uncertainty around the world with access to vaccines, I canceled this year and rebooked a trip for the Spring of 2022. I have been vaccinated however I don’t want to take any chances leaving the country just yet.”

“Planned a trip to the UK last July, moved to this May, then moved again to September. But even though my spouse and I are vaccinated, I still do not feel comfortable traveling internationally this year so plan on delaying again until sometime in 2022.”

“We are not ready to travel this summer, but we have an AmaWaterways Wine Cruise booked for late November 2021 and hope springs eternal that it will occur (and Europe will take us). We are vaccinated but with resurgences, just not ready to step into the breach yet.”

There are other concerns. Cruise lines might be able to travel and sail, but what about businesses ashore? What about vaccine rollouts in other countries? What happens if you test positive for COVID abroad? What about mask requirements?

“I would need two things before I would travel this summer (in addition to the vaccine requirements): a clear plan to get the, as of now, required COVID test to fly home and insurance and a logistical plan to cover a quarantine in case I flunked the test. Those two concerns are keeping me in the U.S. this summer.”

“The vaccine isn’t an issue, the mask mandates are a deal killer. If there is a mask requirement we will cancel our November trip and will not reconsider until a mask requirement is a thing of the past.”

“…As for Europe, I would not want to get there and find places closed!”

“No travel plans at this time – extremely concerned with other countries and vaccine availability and distribution.”

Though many of our readers will stay close to home, 33 percent of our river cruise respondents and 16 percent of our ocean cruise respondents have a cruise planned for the summer – the majority of them in Europe. Others have travel plans for later in the year.

It seems that the soonest most of our readers will return to Europe is this fall. As for us? Ralph and I will go back to Europe as soon as we can to sail both on our own and with you all.

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  • Britton,
    Thanks for providing your latest survey results complete with numerous comments. From what we read, there seems to be a unanimity among respondents reflecting a general belief that what remains of 2021 may be a bit too risky given the Covid international uncertainty with which we’re all familiar. We would be interested in news you are privy to concerning national, EU, international or other “vaccine passport” development. In my opinion, that would be a game-changer assuming carriers would establish passenger lists/specific cruises/land transport for inoculated passengers. Granted, this doesn’t assure such protection ashore in every locale but it certainly does lower the risk in the shipboard and bus transport. Folks could use their own discretion when they choose to wander off the vessel. A solid passport system is the single variable that might tip the scale for us regarding a river cruise prior to spring of 2022. Thanks for good work.


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