Uh ‘O Canada’

O Canada, that country of overly polite people just north of our border. Do you have to be so disagreeable? Why won’t you let our ships stop in your beautiful country? We realize that we were once a threat. But you’ve since passed us with regard to Covid cases per million people.

Source: Our World In Data

Your behaviour (note that we’re using the Canadian spelling as a sign of respect) is causing cruise lines to bypass you. On Thursday, the U.S. House of Representatives passed the Alaska Tourism Recovery Act. You know that means, eh? It provides for an exemption to the Passenger Vessel Services Act. Now all that is needed is Biden’s pen on paper, and that’s it: We’re bypassing your Great White North. It needn’t have come to this.

Cruise ships calling in British Columbia employed 20,000 people, with millions of dollars in economic activity from ships in your lovely port cities. Surely, we can safely navigate the return that for which we all long to see.

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