CroisiEurope | Avid Cruiser Meetup

France-based CroisiEurope returned to sailing in July. So far, so good, with plans to open up other destinations in September. We’ll catch up with CroisiEurope’s General Manager in North America to learn more about a cruise company that’s been operating for more than four decades and to hear how things are progressing during the Covid era. Join us Wednesday, September 9 at 5 pm EDT for a discussion with CroisiEurope’s Michael DaCosta. Register using this link.

We’ve made some changes to our “Happy Hours/Webinars.” Attendance is now capped at 100. After the attendance cap is reached, additional attendees will be directed to our Facebook Live feed to participate. Both platforms will offer virtually the same experience. We will monitor the Facebook Live feed for questions and comments to be raised during the webinar. Please be sure to register for our Happy Hours/Webinars so that in case you can’t attend, you’ll receive a link to the recording.

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