REPLAY: Mike Louagie Disembarks First Cruise Since Covid In Normandy

Our good friend Mike Louagie, a maritime photographer and writer, returned last week from his cruise on the Seine and along the French coast. He was on board Ponant’s first cruise since the global pandemic sidelined ships this past March. Mike joined us after spending seven days cruising on Ponant’s Le Dumont d’Urville. We learned what it was like to cruise from Le Havre to Normandy, Brittany and the Channel Islands, back to Le Havre.

Following the presentation, 90 percent of webinar attendees said they would cruise under Ponant’s new protocols and procedures.

Before seeing this webinar, even though I have been on 19 cruises, I told myself I would not cruise where I was required to “wear a mask.” After seeing the presentation and hearing Mike’s descriptions, photos and videos, I’m back and ready to cruise again with or without masks being required. – Jeff, a subscriber of our newsletters who cruises regularly with his wife.

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  • I find it outrageous that he is “blaming the media” and stating that he thinks they are probably happy when the numbers go up. If it were not for the media we here in the United States would not know what is going on. This has really turned me off and also knowing that he did not pay for the trip makes me doubt his impressions.

  • Bravo, Mike and Ralph! Thank you for this interesting and informative presentation. What a heartfelt joy to hear the rich sound of a ship horn again. One question: On the aquarium excursion, what if some had insisted on diverting to a cafe, shop or other public place? How would ship management handle such a situation, as it would contaminate the safe bubble that was so carefully established?


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