What Do You Most Look Forward To On Your Next Cruise?

We asked what you were looking forward to most when conditions allowed you to be back on a cruise. Here are some of your remarks. Feel free to leave your remarks in the comments section.

I am looking forward to watching the beautiful blue water float by while enjoying the breeze from my balcony. I always look forward to the new adventures we experience too. – Laurie from Florida

I look forward to getting on the boat, unpacking and getting my stack of books ready to read. I love expedition cruises where you are out most of the day kayaking, hiking, swimming in amazing places and you come in clean up and head to an observation deck in late afternoon. Nothing better than curling up in a comfy chair with a perfect latte and my book followed by afternoon group Trivial Pursuit with a cocktail, followed by dinner with new friends, followed by a cup of chamomile tea in my comfy bed looking out to sea. I can’t wait. – Elonide from Louisiana

Escaping the realities at home and enjoying peace and tranquility of floating down a serene European river or the smooth oceanic seas. – Ben from Texas

A glass of wine on our balcony or on the bow.- Lynn & Cele, Beaufort, South Carolina

I look forward to traveling on a small ship, to the open ocean and the big sky in all shades of blue and grey, and I look forward to sailing to regions I have never been and get a chance to explore. – Claudia from Switzerland

I am excited to see the beautiful scenery from the boat and explore beautiful European towns. – Nikki from Illinois

I am looking forward to the relaxation a river cruise allows, new places of interest, good food, making new friends, and a good glass of wine.  – Lyn from North Carolina

I love the smaller ships, so you get a chance to know/meet more people. Better food, service and just more enjoyable. Also love ‘open bars’, wine and beer served with meals and happy hours. – Sue from Georgia

That feeling of liberty on the water. – Mike from Belgium

Peace & quiet.- Name withheld

Looking forward to being waited on hand and foot.  – Carolyn from California

Touching upon all senses, discovery/exploring, learning, hanging with friends, smiling & laughing, tasty food & drink, relaxation, doing whatever comes to mind. – Greg from California

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