Silversea Expeditions: Webinar Replay

During this week’s Happy Hour, our online series of webinars, we were joined by Senior VP of Silversea Expeditions’ Conrad Combrink and his team for an inspiring 60+ minutes featuring some of the world’s most remote and beautiful destinations, from icy Antarctica to balmy Australia, to Papua New Guinea and Russia’s Far East all the way over to Greenland.

Unfortunately, due to a technical error, we lost the first several minutes of the presentation. The replay picks up about 15 minutes into the presentation, with Combrink speaking about Russia’s Far East.

What is missed is a discussion about Silver Origin, Silversea’s new ship for the Galapagos, and six slides into the discussion of the Russian Far East. We’ll have a separate story on the Silver Origin, so you won’t miss much with regard to that discussion, and we’re presenting the first six slides from the Russian Far East below, followed by the video featuring the remainder of the destinations. Our apologies. Zoom, the platform we use to host our webinars, can be a beast at times.

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