We’re Listening: What You Told Us In Our Survey

Dear Readers,

Last week we ran a survey asking you what kind of content you are most interested in seeing on the site. As always, our goal is to keep the line of communication open between you and us. I am going to share the results of our survey; and what those results mean for the future of our site.

Ship Categories

Fully, 52 percent of our readers said that they were most interested in luxury ships, which is good because, well, that’s what we cover most. We will continue to cover luxury ships through press releases, voyage reports, reviews, videos and podcasts.

Coming in second was mid-size ships at 23 percent. You may have read last week that we have enlisted a few new journalists to write guest posts for Avid Cruiser. A lot of these posts are going to be focused on mid-size ships, such as this week’s post by Liam Cusack asking (and answering), What Makes Holland America Line Different?

There isn’t as much interest in big ships. Only six percent of those surveyed preferred a focus on big ships. That’s inline with our interest, and accordingly, we will not cover big ships as much as ships in other categories, but we will keep the content that we have updated.

Lastly, we have expedition ships which totaled 10 percent of our readers, understandably small for this niche market, but one that is expanding rapidly, with more than two dozen new expedition ships on order over the next few years.  We know that all those numbers do not add up to 100 percent. We had an “other” category, which we will get to in a minute. While expeditions may not be the top priority for our readers, they are something that we cover frequently. Expedition cruises are Ralph’s favorite form of travel. We will, however, try to balance this content with the content that you all would like to see more of.

As I mentioned, there was an “other” category in this survey. A few people mentioned that they would like to see more on river cruises. Tip: You can do that on our sister site, River Cruise Advisor. Feel free to leave a comment if there is something you’d like to see more of that isn’t mentioned.

Better Serving Your Needs

The second question on the survey was open-ended: “What can we do to better suit your needs?”

Some said more ship reviews, others wanted comparisons, and others wanted ship tours. There was a multitude of suggestions from you all.

The comments that stick out most, however, are about guest reviews. We often have people contacting us asking how to leave a review, or telling us that they would like the opinion of “regular” cruisers and not journalists. Don’t worry, it didn’t hurt our feelings that badly.

Joking aside, we would love to have reviews from you all.

There are two ways for you all to review cruise ships. You can go to the “Reviews” tab of our website, find the company that you are looking for, and leave a comment. This is good for short reviews that may only deal with one or two aspects of the cruise – positive or negative.

The other way is for us to feature you as a guest writer. Most of the time when we are contacted by cruisers who want to leave reviews, we say yes. If you’d like to leave a review you can contact us here to let us know.


The last thing I want to address is our podcasts. I’ve received many comments that readers would prefer to read the podcast transcripts than listen to them. Again, only slightly hurt feelings over here.

I am happy to say that from here on out, all of our podcasts should either have a transcript attached to the article, or a separate, dedicated, transcript article. We’ve actually gone back and added transcripts to some of the podcasts.

If any of you have experiences to share and would like to do so via podcast, we would love to have you as a guest. Again, just contact us here.

Thank You

Lastly, we would just like to thank you all for being part of this site. We think of Avid Cruiser as a community, and we are so glad that so many of you are willing to share your insights with us. We learn from your collective knowledge. When we say we value your feedback, we really mean it. Thank you for sharing your insights, and please continue to do so.

If you feel like we have left anything out, or if you were unable to take the survey, please leave a comment and give us your opinions.

Thanks for being loyal Avid Cruiser readers,

Ralph Grizzle & Britton Frost

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  • Good to know that your overall direction established by Ralph Grizzle over the decades will continue to be the experiences I look forward to, along with your webinars. I find all of your information very valuable and especially love your “newest prominent category of expeditions”. I know many cruisers have not found those adventures yet, but many soon will when Avid Cruiser addresses them. Thoroughly enjoyed your latest Galapagos articles with a tilt on different aspects – tours, description of islands/wildlife indigenous to them, and your photography/videos are superb – you can sell any aspect of any type of cruise by featuring them! Thank you both, along with feature journalists going forward.


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