Five Reasons To Take A Cruise In 2020

Long-time cruisers don’t need reasons to cruise. They know how wonderful cruising can be. First-time cruisers, however, may be reluctant about investing in a cruise vacation. If you’re sitting on the fence about spending for a vacation at sea, here are five reasons to take an ocean cruise in 2020.


Seabourn Entertainment
Entertainment on Seabourn Quest. © 2013 Chris Stanley

When you’re on a ship in the middle of the ocean, you need things to keep you occupied. For some that may come in the form of reading a book, laying out by the pool, chatting with fellow passengers, or having cocktails at the bar. However, most cruise lines provide entertainment to guests with a series of productions, concerts, demonstrations, parties, and more.

While traditional cruise ship entertainment may have come in the form of music productions and concerts, we’ve seen creative approaches to traditional evening entertainment over the past few years. Celebrity Cruises has partnered with American Ballet Theatre to provide performances for guests. MSC Cruises has a partnership with Cirque du Soleil. Royal Caribbean’s Aquatheaters bring aquatic entertainment aboard the ship. If you’re looking for entertainment with a twist, there are plenty of options.

But what about traditional cruise ship entertainment? There are plenty of cruise ships that provide entertainment in the form of music, including those mentioned above. Holland America Line takes it a step further. Offered on several Holland America Line’s ships, the Music Walk provides guests with  listening – and dancing – opportunities, showcasing various types of music from rock n’ roll to classical.

I enjoyed the Music Walk during my cruise on Nieuw Statendam earlier this year: A Recap Of My Time Aboard Holland America Line’s Nieuw Statendam

If music and productions aren’t how you like to spend your time, that’s okay. There are various activities that happen onboard throughout the day. Join in a game of trivia. Take advantage of the pool. Attend movie night. On some ships, you can visit the card room to play a game of bridge. Aboard most ships, you can also visit the casino.

There is so much to do to keep you entertained. So even on your days at sea, you don’t have to be worried about being bored.


If going to late-night productions or shows isn’t your cup of tea, that’s okay. Not a bridge player? Fine. Don’t like sitting out in the sun? No problem. There are plenty of cruise lines that focus on lectures and enrichment. Some of the best in this category are Crystal, Cunard, Silversea, Seabourn and Regent.

Many cruise companies offer theme sailings. On these theme sailings, experts in certain industries are brought onboard to teach guests about various topics that fit within that theme. These themes can range from wine to bridge to opera. If you’re interested in exploring a topic that you are passionate about, doing so at sea can provide a unique forum for learning.

Enrichment is also a large part of expedition voyages. Expedition teams are formed by the cruise line to sail with guests throughout their voyages. Not only do the members of these expedition teams host various lectures during the sailing, but they also join guests around the ship as they dine, socialize, and hang out. As a guest, you have a great opportunity to tap into their knowledge.

Silver Galapagos Expedition Team
Expedition Team on Silver Galapagos © 2019 Melissa Fleig

Excursions are also a form of enrichment. When visiting a destination you can choose to go off on your own, which many people like to do, but you can also choose to take an excursion offered by the cruise line. There are so many excursions offered by cruise companies that it would be impossible to list them all – even by category. Just know that you will be able to choose a variety of excursions in every port that can provide you with a deeper understanding of the port you’re in.


Like hotels, the price of the cruise often correlates to the amenities and accommodations that a guest will receive. Naturally, these prices vary. Certain cruise lines promote their budget vacations, where guests may be looking at paying under $100 a day. As you move up the ladder you may be looking at paying thousands of dollars for a voyage and, depending on the length of the voyage, sometimes tens of thousands.

Cruising can often seem more expensive than flying somewhere and staying in a hotel. This applies to any budget, whether you’re staying in the Super 8 or the Ritz Carlton. That’s why it is important to know what’s included in the cruise fare. At a base level entertainment, accommodations and food are included in your fare. As you look toward premium and luxury lines, you’ll find your cruise fare includes even more. Cruise fares can include airfare, transfers to and from the airport and ship, beverages, room service, excursions, special events, and so much more.

Regardless of your budget, when all costs are tallied, cruising may be a more economical option than flying somewhere, staying in a hotel, and paying for meals, transportation, activities, etc.


There is hardly a better way to see the world than from a cruise ship. My favorite thing about cruising is the amount of ground (and sea) that is able to be covered in such a short time. It’s amazing to be able to wake up in a new country or city and feel like you’ve teleported during the time you were sleeping. Going to bed while the ship is at sea and waking up to a new port outside of your balcony curtain feels magical. It is something that, even after my 20 years of cruising, never loses its awe.

Looking At Lerwick
From aft on Viking Sea, Lerwick, in the Shetland Islands. © 2016 Ralph Grizzle

Cruising can take you around the world – or around a region close to home. As long as there is a sea or an ocean (or a river), there is most likely a cruise. Many people think of soaking up the sun on beaches when they think of cruising. Visiting island ports in the Bahamas and Caribbean. But cruising can also take you to the Arctic or Antarctic, the Baltic, Africa, Europe, Canada, and so many more destinations.

Want to see it all? World Cruises are also an option. In fact, there are multiple world cruise options to choose from. Even expedition world cruises that visit Antarctica. Talk about seeing it all.


Getting down to some Aretha Franklin. © 2019 Anita Dunham-Potter

Cruising is such a unique way to travel – and it is so much fun. My favorite part about cruising? Meeting fellow passengers and making connections with new people. You can learn so much aboard a cruise ship outside of the areas you’re visiting simply by talking to your fellow passengers.

Fun can be found poolside, in evening entertainment, on excursions, at lectures, at the piano bar, in the card room, over dinner, or wherever else you want. Seeing new places and learning about other cultures is some of the most fun you can ever have. A cruise only enhances that experience.

Will you take a cruise in 2020?

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