Avid Travel With Britton Frost – Expedition Cruising Vs Classic Cruising With Silversea

This week on Avid Travel With Britton Frost I am joined by Wes Weiner who recently completed his first expedition cruise aboard Silver Cloud.

Silver Cloud Expedition, docked in Puerto Madryn, Argentina on her inaugural Antarctic cruise. Photo © 2017 Aaron Saunders

In this podcast, Wes discusses the difference between classic and expedition cruising on Silversea, having done both kinds of voyages. Wes has also cruised exclusively with Silversea and Regent, so while I sat down with him to discuss his recent expedition, we took the opportunity to talk about the reason he keeps going back to the two lines – and which he prefers.

Wes’ expedition experience started off poorly – he even thought that he was going to have to cancel his trip. But after dealing with flight delays and returning home, his hero travel agent came to the rescue so that he was able to have the experience of a lifetime.

Listen below.

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  • Is it really worth the 6-8 grand per person to add South Georgia to an antartica Cruise?????

    • I’d have to say yes it’s worth it too. And I’ve not done it. I’ve cruised Antarctica three times, but South Georgia remains elusive. It’s like those sappy credit card commercials that ask what the experience is worth? Priceless.

  • So. Georgia is a fabulous stop. Don’t miss it. It’s the best. There’s a museum, lots of penguins, old whaling stations, church, cemetery with Shackleton, different beautiful inlets and glaciers around the island and is a must. I’ll take So. Georgia any day over Antarctica


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