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This week on Avid Travel With Britton Frost I am joined by Dan Blanchard, the owner and CEO of UnCruise Adventures. As you may be able to gather from its name, UnCruise does things a little bit differently than other cruise lines.

Un-Cruise Adventure’s Safari Endeavour in Alaska. Photo © 2014 Aaron Saunders

UnCruise is still a cruise line with a sizeable fleet, but Blanchard prefers to call the ships in the fleet vessels, due to their small size. The destination-focused cruise line also varies from other cruise lines in the flexibility of its itineraries, as vessels may make stops to view wildlife that pops up during the sailings. UnCruise also offers a variety of unique excursions. The most unique? Snorkeling in Alaska.

Learn more about UnCruise by listening to the podcast below.


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