Which Ship Is Right For My Antarctic Cruise?

which antarctic ship is right for me

It wasn’t long ago that only a handful of cruise ship operators offered Antarctica voyages. Today, it’s not unusual to see a dozen or more ships docked in Ushuaia over a weekend, each of them coming and going across the Drake Passage to and from Antarctica. If Ushuaia appears to be bustling now, just wait: More than 20 new expedition vessels are on order, with more than half of those setting sail this year and next. 

If you’re in the market for an Antarctic cruise, the armada of Antarctic vessels represents a mother lode of opportunity.  The influx of new vessels raises a perplexing question, however: Which cruise line, and which ship, is right for me? 

To answer this question, we’ve started a new Antarctic Expedition landing page on Avid Cruiser. While we will fill the new page with our own expertise, we’re counting on our readers to chime in with their insights and thoughts. Ready? Click and get started.

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